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Kota Factory season 3

Mayur More returns to lead the cast of Kota Factory Season 3 as tensions rise in the highly-anticipated IIT-JEE examination. 

Season 3 of the hit Indian Netflix series follows Vaibhav's (Mayur More) journey filled with pressure and unexpected adversities as he prepares for the IIT-JEE examination alongside his friends, Meena and Uday. 

Another major storyline that Kota Factory Season 3 needs to dive into is the ramifications surrounding the death of one of the students of Jeetu Bhaiya at the end of Season 2.

Kota Factory Season 3 premiered on Netflix on June 20. 

Every Main Cast Member of Kota Factory Season 3 

Mayur More - Vaibhav Pandey

Mayur More as Vaibhav in Kota Factory Season 3
Mayur More 

Mayur More leads the cast of Kota Factory Season 3 as Vaibhav Pandey,  a student whose ultimate goal is to be accepted into Maheshwari Institute.

Vaibhav tries his best to showcase his intelligence in Kota's competitive environment while dealing with complex interpersonal relationships. 

In Season 3, Vaibhav is jealous of his cousin, Minku's, success due to the fact that his family is treating Minku as a superstar and not him. 

Vaibhav is also involved in a messy situation during the day of the IIT-JEE examinations leading to an unexpected mishap. 

More has over 20 credits to his name, with roles in Slum Golf, Angrezi Mat Jhaad, and Shyamchi Aai

Ranjan Raj - Balmukund Meena

Ranjan Raj as Balmukund Meena in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Ranjan Raj

Ranjan Raj reprises his role as Balmukund Meena, one of Vaibhav's close friends who helps him in his day-to-day struggles and triumphs in Kota. 

Season 3 sees Meena struggling to make ends meet, hiding his predicament from his friends due to his pride. When Vaibhav and Uday found out, Meena still declined their offer to help. 

A heart-to-heart conversation with his mentor, Jeetu Bhaiya, set him straight which eventually led to him doing well in classes again after skipping tons of them due to financial constraints.

Raj has credits in Rustom, Hostel Daze, and Chhichhore

Alam Khan - Uday Gupta

Alam Khan as Uday Ghupta in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Alam Khan

Alam Khan brings Uday Gupta to life in Kota Factory Season 3.

Uday is one of Vaibhav's best friends who has a happy-go-lucky personality.

Uday deals with several stories in Season 3, such as helping Meena with his financial problems, being involved in an accident, and qualifying for the main IIT-JEE examinations.

Khan can be seen in Laakhon Mein Ek, Chaman Bahaar, and Haddi.

Jitendra Kumar - Jeetu Bhaiya

Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya in Kota Factory Season 3
Jitendra Kumar

Jitendra Kumar is part of Kota Factory's main cast as Jeetu Bhaiya. 

Jeetu Bhaiya is a well-respected coach and mentor in Kota who always gives his support to Vaibhav and his friends. 

At the end of Season 2, though, Jeetu was devastated to learn about the suicide of one of his students, leading to his somewhat prolonged absence in Season 3. 

Jeetu returns to give helpful advice as if he never left, using his words to assist Vaibhav, Uday, and Meena in getting their life together ahead of the exams. 

Jeetu is also in the running to become the next education minister after an impressive performance in Kota.

Kumar is best known for his role as Abhishek Tripathi in Panchayat. The actor also appeared in Lantrani, Dry Day, and Jaadugar.

Ahsaas Channa - Shivangi Ranawat

Ahsaas Channa as Shivangi in Kota Factory Season 3
Ahsaas Channa 

Ahsaas Channa plays Shivangi Ranawat, Uday's girlfriend and one of Vaibhav's friends in Kota Factory

Shivangi joins Vaibhav and the rest in preparing for the IIT-JEE examination. 

Channa previously appeared in Hostel Daze, Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, and Half CA.

Revathi Pillai - Vartika Ratawal

Revathi Pillai as Vartika Ratawal in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Revathi Pillai

Vartika Ratawal (played by Revathi Pillai) is Vaibhav's girlfriend. 

Vartika is a loving partner to Vaibhav and she is always present during the ups and downs of his journey. 

In Season 3, Episode 1, Vaibhav is jealous of the sudden closeness of Vartika and Minku. Vartika reassures him that she will choose him no matter what. 

Pillai has credits in Special OPS, Dil Dosti Dilemma, and Jab We Matched.

Urvi Singh - Meenal Parekh

Urvi Singh as Meenal Parekh in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Urvi Singh 

Urvi Singh returns as Meenal Parekh, Vartika and Shivangi's friend who is also part of the core group of Vaibhav. 

Meenal always has a smile on her face and she is also an intelligent student on par with the three core boys from the friend group. 

Singh's notable credits include Crushed, Adipurush, and Mr. King.

Harish Peddinti - Bablu

Harish Peddinti as Bablu in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Harish Peddinti

Harish Peddinti joins the cast of Kota Factory as Bablu, a professor/coach in Kota who helps students achieve their goals of getting into the Indian Institute of Technology.

Bablu appears in Season 3, Episode 1 to inform Vaibhav and the others about Jeetu's absence in Kota. 

Peddinti is best known for his roles in Hostel Daze, Sixer, and Half CA.

Rajesh Kumar - Gagan

Rajesh Kumar as Gagan in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Rajesh Kumar

Rajesh Kumar appears as Gagan, a strict yet passionate professor at Kota who sometimes gives Vaibhav and his friends a hard time. 

Kumar's most recognizable role is playing Bhagwan Das Chaubey in Neeli Chatri Waale. The actor also starred in Yeh Meri Family and Excuse Me Madam.

Satvik Bhatia - Minku 

Satvik Bhatia as Minku in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Satvik Bhatia

Satvik Bhatia guest stars in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1 as Minku, Vaibhav's cousin who is thriving well in his cricket career after getting into the Indian Premier League trials. 

The fact that Vaibhav's family openly supports Minku instead of him angers him, making him lose his composure during one pivotal confrontation. 

Bhatia is known for his roles in Liberation, Kuch Sapney Apne, and India Lockdown.

Tillotama Shome - Pooja Didi

Tillotama Shome as Pooja Didi in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Tillotama Shome

Tillotama Shome joins the world of Kota Factory as Pooja Didi, a substitute Chemistry teacher in Kota who has been making waves due to her unique style of teaching. 

Jeetu Bhaiya wants to recruit Pooja Didi as one of the main teachers in the institute, seeing that she has the same flare as him when it comes to teaching.

Shome previously appeared in The Night Manager, The Fable, and Tooth Pari: When Love Bites.

Jyoti Gauba - Vaibhav's Mom

Jyoti Gauba as Vaibhav's mom in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Jyoti Gauba

Jyoti Gauba is part of the guest star lineup of Season 3, Episode 1 as Vaibhav's mom. 

Vaibhav's mom appears to tell him the news that Minku passed the IPL trials and this development led to more jealousy for his cousin.

Gauba also starred in 3 Monkeys, Bholaa, and Do Chutki Sindoor.

Sohaila Kapur - Dr. Sudha Vyas

Sohaila Kapur as Dr. Sudha Vyas in Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1
Sohaila Kapur

Sohaila Kapur appears at the tail-end of Kota Factory Season 3, Episode 1 as Dr. Sudha Vyas, Jeetu Bhaiya's therapist. 

Kapur, an actress and journalist, is known for her roles in Special OPS, Phantom, and Tadap

All episodes of Kota Factory Season 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

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