Derrick Johnson Now: Where Is Netflix's 'Tell Them You Love Me' Doc Subject Today?

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Derrick Johnson in Tell Them You Love Me

After learning of the sexual assault against Derrick Johnson in Netflix's new Tell Them You Love Me documentary, many wonder where the victim and subject of the film is today.

Tell Them You Love Me was officially released on Netflix on June 14, allowing subscribers to see firsthand the sexual assault allegations against Rutgers University-Newark professor Anna Stubblefield after she engaged in a relationship with student Derrick Johnson, who has cerebral palsy.

The documentary followed the entire case, beginning with Johnson and Stubblefield's meeting in 2009 and ending with Stubblefield's conviction.

What Happened To Tell Them You Love Me's Derrick Johnson?

Derrick and Daisy Johnson in Tell Them You Love Me

Derrick Johnson, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is unable to talk or walk, met Rutgers University-Newark philosophy professor Anna Stubblefield in 2009 thanks to Johnson's brother, John. His brother was, at the time, a student of Stubblefield's.

Stubblefield learned of Derrick's condition through John, offering to help him with his communication skills.

After spending time with Stubblefield, Derrick Johnson eventually learned to communicate through a keyboard and computer screen and was even able to take a college class.

Stubblefield claimed that, after the two spent time together, they developed a consensual sexual relationship.

However, Johnson's mother, Daisy, a single mom and provider for Derrick, claimed that Derrick could not consent to a sexual relationship. She said he could not have used the keyboard to communicate unless Stubblefield manipulated his hands and controlled what he typed.

At one point, Stubblefield told Derrick's mother and brother that the two were in love and that Derrick's interests aligned much more with hers than his family's.

She claimed that she would leave her husband and allow Derrick to move in with her, and that is when the Johnsons finally reported Stubblefield to authorities.

After an investigation, Stubblefield was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault. The Rutgers professor was then put on trial, found guilty by a jury of both counts, and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

However, she was released after two years after her original conviction was overturned, leading Stubblefield to plead down to a lesser sentence.

Where Is Derrick Johnson Now?

According to The Telegraph, Derrick Johnson now lives with his mother, Daisy. He attends adult day care where he participates in different communication exercises but not the same method that was reportedly taught to him by Stubblefield.

Tell Them You Love Me director Nick August-Perna described Johnson as "full of energy" and someone "who smiles a lot:"

"[He is someone who is] full of energy, who loves his food, who smiles a lot and who is able to both accept love and offer it."

As if Daisy Johnson's bravery in standing up and speaking out for her son didn't make her admirable enough, she was recently recognized for her 50 years of service to NJ Transit, where she has worked since she was only 17.

It is also important to mention how much of a trailblazer Daisy has been in the workplace.

To elaborate, Daisy was once fired for taking maternity leave. So she took Transport of New Jersey (a variation of NJ Transit) to court in an arbitration case and won, ensuring that women (especially black women) could take maternity leave and not have to worry about being let go or fired for doing so.

When Daisy was recognized for her 50 years of service, her son, John, gave a heartfelt speech about his mother to the board members, talking about Derrick as well.

As shared by, he explained that it is "fitting that [his] mom has been" helping others for 50 years "reach their destinations" since she continuously helps Derrick reach his own:

"It’s fitting that my mom has been in this business 50 years, helping people reach their destinations."

It was also explained how it was difficult for Daisy at times to make sure Derrick received proper care while also trying to work herself. Sometimes, the school bus would arrive late to pick Derrick up, causing her to be late for work.

However, fortunately, one of Daisy's supervisors understood her situation and allowed her more time to get to work.

Speaking of John, it is also important for people to realize his accomplishments.

For example, he is now an assistant professor of history at St. Peter's University and has a Ph.D. from Rutgers University-Newark. 

The university where John currently works is in Irving, New Jersey, which is close to Irving where Daisy and Derrick live, meaning that he gets to spend time with his family.

Tell Them You Love Me is available to stream on Netflix.

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