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How to Rob a Bank cast members

Netflix's How to Rob a Bank highlights interviews from a cast of different sources tied to dangerous bank robber Scott Scurlock, such as his accomplices, journalists, and law enforcement officers. 

The new Netflix documentary from 2024 unpacks who Scott Scurlock is and how he managed to execute nearly two dozen bank robberies in Seattle during the 1990s. 

How to Rob a Bank premiered on Netflix on June 5.

Every Main Interviewee in Netflix's How to Rob a Bank


Elizabeth Stanton

Elizabeth Stanton in How to Rob a Bank
Elizabeth Stanton

One of Scott Scurlock's friends who agrees to take part in the documentary is Elizabeth Stanton. 

Elizabeth discussed her first time entering Scurlock's treehouse (his actual house), revealing that it is a place where “you could go to get out of the norm of society.”

She also attended the same college as Scott which is Evergreen State College.

Suzanne Scurlock

Suzanne Scurlock in How to Rob a Bank
Suzanne Scurlock

Suzanne Scurlock is Scott's sister who describes her brother as an "adrenaline junkie" who loves to do daring things. 

Suzanne shares that Scott made some pivotal choices in his life that "led him to directions he couldn't turn around and back out of."

She also describes her brother as "the master of disinformation." She explains that he would not outright lie to them, but he would tell them something that they knew was not quite right at the time.

Alban Pfisterer

Alban Pfisterer in How to Rob a Bank
Alban Pfisterer

Alban Pfisterer, Scott's friend, joins the cast of How to Rob a Bank to discuss Scott's early days as a drug dealer and creator of crystal meth. 

Alban notes that Scott built a reputation for producing "some of the finest substance" back then. 

Mark Biggins

Mark Biggins in How to Rob a Bank
Mark Biggins

Mark Biggins is Scott's longtime friend and main accomplice in over 18 bank robberies. He shares that they both had a lot of energy and they clicked because they were wild and free. 

Mark lived with Scott in his treehouse with his daughter for many years. 

While he initially wanted to quit the life of crime after their first heist, Mark went down the rabbit hole and eventually returned to team up with Scott to continue their illegal ways. He said that lying had become second nature to him due to the path that he chose. 

Mark was released from prison in 2015 after being sentenced to 21 years and three months.

Steven Harper

Steven Harper in How to Rob a Bank
Steven Harper

Steven Harper, Scott's childhood friend, talks about how their friendship is anchored by both of them being adventurous. 

Steven recalls that Scott had a different quality of fearlessness, with both of them learning how to pick locks at an early age. 

Ellen Glasser

Ellen Glasser in How to Rob a Bank
Ellen Glasser

Ellen Glasser is a Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI who joins the conversation in How to Rob a Bank about Scott Scurlock's involvement in bank robberies in Seattle and how he earned the nickname, Hollywood. 

Glasser reveals that Scurlock became the FBI's number one priority after she became the supervisor of their task force. 

Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson in How to Rob a Bank
Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson, who was the FBI agent who served as the lead of the case involving Scott Scurlock, appears in How to Rob a Bank. 

Johnson describes Hollywood as "a professional bank robber," pointing out that he "perfected his craft."

The veteran FBI agent also notes that he thinks that Hollywood robs a bank mostly due to the adrenaline rush and the challenge of doing it, with money being the second priority. 

David Kerley

David Kerley in How to Rob a Bank
David Kerley

David Kerley, a news reporter and TV anchor from Kiro-TV, talks about the state of Seattle during the 1990s and the rise of banks in the city due to the wide influx of money. 

Alongside the consistent presence of banks in Seattle, David admits that bank robberies had become rampant during the 90s. 

Deborah Horne 

Deborah Horne in How to Rob a Bank
Deborah Horne 

Working as a field reporter for Kiro-7 in the 1990s, Deborah Horne bears witness to the rise of bank robberies in the city. 

Deborah was also one of the reporters who covered Scott Scurlock's bank heist gone wrong that happened during Thanksgiving in 1996.

T.J. Losey

T.J. Losey in How to Rob a Bank
T.J. Losey

T.J. Losey is another one of Scott Scurlock's friends who chimes into the conversation to reflect on his unique self. 

T.J. recalls how Scurlock's free-spirited personality is on full display after he answered the door stripped naked. 

She also talks about Scurlock's treehouse and how it exhibits "a wonderful outdoor experience."

Mike Magan

Mike Magan in How to Rob a Bank
Mike Magan

Mike Magan is a detective from the Seattle Police Department who teams up with  FBI agent Shawn Johnson to try and track down Scott Scurlock aka Hollywood. 

Mike describes his partnership with Shawn as "night and day" since they have different styles of attacking the case. He points out, "Shawn Johnson was the fire and Mike Magan was the can of gasoline."

Jimmy Mateson

Jimmy Mateson in How to Rob a Bank
Jimmy Mateson

Jimmy Mateson is a Seattle native who appears in 2024's How to Rob a Bank to talk about the rise of Grunge in the city and how it correlates to the fact that some people perceive Hollywood (Scurlock) as Robin Hood due to his actions. 

Steve Meyers

Steve Myers in How to Rob a Bank
Steve Myers

Steve Meyers, one of Scott's friends and accomplice, is part of the cast of interviewees in How to Rob a Bank

Steve shares that Scott hired him to help him build his infamous treehouse. By building the structure, he pointed out that they did "some of the most insane construction." 

He also acknowledges that "the treehouse was Scott's inner personality that came to life."

Steve and Mark Biggins served as the main orchestrators of Scott's evil plan involving bank robberies and they managed to earn over $2.3 million during the 1990s by doing so. 

Steve is responsible for being a lookout, analyzing potential targets, and handling their earnings. 

However, all bad things must come to an end after a failed bank heist of Seafirst Bank's Lake City in November 1996. Steve was sentenced to 21 years and 3 months in prison before being released in December 2013. 

How to Rob a Bank is now streaming on Netflix.

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