Meet Deanna Thompson: 4 Things to Know About The Mole Season 2 Netflix Contestant - Bio Details

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Deanna Thompson from The Mole Season 2

Deanna Thompson serves as a contestant on Season 2 of The Mole’s Netflix revival.

In Netflix’s The Mole, 12 perfect strangers pool their talents and compete in challenges designed to contribute to a pot of prize money. However, there lies one within their ranks who secretly tries to sabotage the other eleven players, leaving them to root out the backstabber.

Contestant Deanna Thompson stands out among The Mole’s second-season cast as someone who seemingly has a slim possibility of being the saboteur, given her well-reported keen ability to sniff out wrongdoing. But not every viewer is convinced of her good intentions.

Deanna Thompson - Biography Details & Fun Facts

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Deanna Thompson

Deanna Thompson Is a Data Analyst by Trade

A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Deanna Thompson has been employed at one of the casinos in the area as a data analyst. 

Casinos have been using data analytics for some time to help provide their patrons with the best possible experience as well as to assist with identifying trouble spots in day-to-day operations.

According to her official website,, she’s primarily interested in “Open Source Intelligence, analytics, and the science behind how people get caught doing really bad things.“

Deanna Helped Expose a Criminal

In 2010, an individual by the name of Luka Magnotta shared a video in which he deliberately suffocated two kittens in a twisted bid for internet fame. 

Shortly after the clip went viral, Deanna Thompson was on the case, as she tried, and succeeded, to track down the perpetrator of this act of animal cruelty. 

The effort involved several other people who sought to bring Magnotta to justice and Thompson (along with fellow digital detective John Green) spearheaded a Facebook group to accomplish just that.

In 2019, many years after the fact, Thompson appeared as herself for the appropriately titled Netflix true crime docuseries Don’t F*** With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer. The documentary was a considerable hit and ranked among the top five series of its kind on Netflix in 2019.

And in 2012, Luka Magnotta was convicted and imprisoned for an unrelated crime, the murder of an international student named John Lin.

On her experiences in helping to shed light on Magnotta’s crimes, Thompson spoke to This Morning in 2021 where she discussed what inspired her to get involved in the case:

“I was just sitting in my living room at the time, I think I was on Facebook, and I saw a video somebody had shared and I watched it thinking it was like, a cute cat video… And it took a very dark turn, very quickly. And my blood sort of boiled, because I could tell the person that made this video was like, ‘I’m gonna get away with this’… I just knew I had to get involved immediately.”

Deanna Has Her Own Podcast

Following the breakout success of Don’t F*** With Cats, Thompson was able to parlay her newfound notoriety into a podcast with John Green, with whom she worked closely during the manhunt for Luka Magnotta.

Perhaps fittingly, the podcast itself, Real Crimes with John and Deanna, deals in the genre of true crime as Thompson and Green use their combined gumshoe abilities to investigate real-life wrongdoings.

The most recent episode of Real Crimes with John and Deanna was made available for listening in December 2023. Unfortunately for fans, there hasn’t been any word yet if the pod will return for new installments.

Deanna Got Her Nickname From a Beastie Boys Song

Deanna Thompson got inspiration for her well-known nickname and online handle Baudi Moovan from none other than the Beastie Boys.

The famous hip-hop trio released a single in 1998 entitled “Body Movin’” from which the clever sobriquet “Baudi Moovan” was phonetically derived.

How To Follow Deanna Thompson Online

For those who wish to catch up with the continuing adventures of Deanna Thomspon, she has a presence on Instagram (@realbaudimoovan), X (formerly Twitter) (@deanna_thompson), and TikTok (@realbaudimoovan).

The first five episodes of The Mole Season 2 are streaming on Netflix. Episode 6 drops on Friday, July 5.

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