Meet Hannah from The Mole: 4 Things to Know About Hannah Burns

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Hannah Burns

Hannah Burns is among the contestants on 2024's The Mole Season 7 on Netflix, and many viewers are eager to learn more about her.

Who Is The Mole's Hannah? Biography Details

Hannah Burns
Hannah Burns

Hannah's Marketing Career

Hannah's LinkedIn profile states her occupation as a "Medical Marketing Consultant." Since October 2022, she has been employed at Ai Health Care Marketing which is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

This experience shows her great passion and drive for her marketing career, and she takes to Instagram often to share stories from work and other marketing content.

Hannah's Miss Arizona USA Competition

In January 2020, Hannah revealed on Instagram that she was set to compete in the Miss Arizona USA beauty pageant. She did so coming off a 2019 win for Miss Paradise Valley USA (a town in Arizona).

Burns was, unfortunately, unsuccessful in her bid for Miss Arizona USA in 2020, with the win ultimately going to Yesenia Vidales.

Hannah's Music Taste

A "Trendsetter to Know" profile for Hannah was published in September 2019 in which she revealed her musical taste and her past musical aspirations.

Asked what she wanted to do as a child, Hannah expressed her desire to be a singer. She was also asked about some of her favorite music at the time which included Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift's latest album Lover.

Hannah's Vegan Lifestyle

In the same profile, Hannah discussed her vegan lifestyle in how she enjoys spending her free time "trying a new vegan-friendly restaurant."

She also told how she is the co-owner of a vegan not-for-profit organization called Blonde Veganz seeking to promote "eco-friendly and vegan alternatives." It's unclear if Blonde Veganz is still active in 2024:

"Blonde Veganz is a platform that inspires, promotes, and creates eco-friendly and vegan alternatives to our everyday behaviors and meals. Alongside our continued efforts to support and encourage those around us to adopt this productive and healthy lifestyle."

Where to Find Hannah Burns on Social Media

The Mole fans can find Hannah Burns on Instagram @hannahburnss.

The Mole is streaming now on Netflix.

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