The Flash: Trailer Edit Mistake May Spoil the Movie's Villain Twist

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The Flash, Ezra Miller, Dark Flash

A new international trailer for the DCU's next upcoming solo movie, The Flash, may have unintentionally spoiled a major twist regarding its villain.

While much has been made public about the impressive supporting cast in The Flash, headlined by Michael Keaton (Batman) and Sasha Calle (Supergirl), the story's villains have largely flown under the radar.

Along with Michael Shannon's return as General Zod, recent merchandising and promo images teased the inclusion of a Dark Flash opposite Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster, a darker and grittier version of the main hero.

But as new footage highlighted the heroes that have already been confirmed to play major roles, Warner Bros. may have let out a major spoiler through one of its most recent looks at the summer blockbuster.

The Flash Villain Spoiled in New Trailer?

As spotted by Reddit user @ExtensionGiraffe9239, a Japanese trailer for The Flash may have spoiled the new DC film's main villain.

Ezra Miller, The Flash
Warner Bros.

This trailer included a shot of the longer-haired Barry Allen screaming at his doppelgänger, although fans can see a small dark shard coming out of his right shoulder. 

The Flash, Ezra Miller
The Direct

This visual detail, which was seemingly mistakenly kept in the Japanese version after being edited out of the U.S. trailer, potentially spoils that this version of Barry is actually the film's main villain, Dark Flash - a monstrosity with black shards and spikes poking out of its shoulders and nearly every other part of its body.

The Flash
Warner Bros.

Will Warner Bros. Rectify The Flash Trailer Mistake?

To this point, Warner Bros. hasn't pulled this version of the trailer from the internet on its Japanese pages, leaving many to wonder how worried the studio is about spoilers leaking.

After The Direct exclusively reported on The Flash's villain being a darker version of Barry Allen in August 2021, it appears that this movie's use of multiple Flashes will come to fruition by the time the story comes to an end.

The big question now is how far into the plot it will happen, particularly with the Multiverse tearing apart at the seams and unleashing forces like General Zod on multiple universes.

With early reviews for The Flash hyping up one of DC's best movies potentially in years, it appears that this villain turn landed fairly well with early critics before the film releases in full to the public.

The only hope now is that Warner Bros. and its actors can avoid revealing any more pivotal information as the general public waits to see how the DCU truly changes.

The Flash debuts in theaters on June 16.

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