The Flash Movie: New Merch Spoils Villain

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A newly-revealed Funko Pop appears to have spoiled the main speedster villain of DC's The Flash.

DC will soon bring The Flash to theaters this summer, finally delivering its long-awaited adaptation of "Flashpoint." But unlike the famous comic storyline that sees Barry Allen accidentally create an alternate timeline after going back in time to save his mother, his arch-rival Reverse Flash will seemingly not appear.

The debut trailer that was shown off at the Super Bowl only highlighted Man of Steel villain General Zod as a villain in the sequel with no sign of any of the Flash's rogues or speedster antagonists. That being said, a description did previously emerge for the villainous Dark Flash.

The Flash Merch Reveals Speedster Villain

Content creator leonaardog recently took to Instagram to share the first look at the official Funko Pop figure for Dark Flash, seemingly spoiling the speedster as the true villain of DC's The Flash.

Barry Allen, Ezra Miller, The Flash

The Direct previously revealed in August 2021 that a "Dark Flash" figure will be the main villain of The Flash and will, in fact, be an alternate version of Ezra Miller's Barry Allen - presumably the one featured in the marketing so far.

Why The Flash Is Hiding Its True Villain

Through a simple examination of The Flash trailer, Michael Shannon's Zod appears to serve as the main villain. But it seems he will be more of a secondary threat for the earlier acts of the movie, likely as opposition to Sasha Calle's Supergirl, while Dark Flash later emerges as the true antagonist.

The identity behind this mystery threat will seemingly be Ezra Miller's second Flash - referenced on a toy as "The Flash Young Barry." The Flash's trailer may even be signaling this villainous turn through the yellow clothing he wears in part of the trailer, just like how Reverse Flash himself wears a yellow speedster suit.

Although this Barry Allen may not have his speedster powers when The Flash begins, he will likely receive them during the movie before being corrupted and turning into this Dark Flash - perhaps as a result of the time manipulation that creates the alternate "Flashpoint" timeline.

The Flash may well strive to keep audiences convinced that General Zod is genuinely the only villain of the movie right up until release in order to preserve the second Barry Allen's villainous twist in the second or third act.

The Flash hits theaters on June 16.

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