The Flash Movie Post-Credits Scene Surprise Teased by Director

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Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League

Andy and Barbara Muschietti, who directed and produced The Flash respectively, discussed the surprises contained within the film’s post-credits sequence.

The Flash is racing toward its imminent release date. The movie, which stars Ezra Miller reprising their role of Barry Allen from Justice League, will see the speedster travel back in time to stop the death of his mother. 

Rumors have swirled around familiar faces that might be glimpsed in The Flash. Reportedly, the TV version of Barry (played by Grant Gustin) does not make an appearance, but other heroes and villains from DC’s past could still be on the table.

The Flash Director & Producer Hype Up Post-Credits Stinger

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Speaking to Etalk, The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti commented on the movie’s post-credits scenes and the “surprises” that they hold:

“We can’t tease anything, because they’re all great surprises and we know that they won’t disappoint.”

In a similar vein, in response to Collider's Steven Weintraub inquiring about whether the movie's final release would have a post-credits scene, director Andy Muschietti also teased that there would be "a couple surprises" after The Flash's credits:

"So, if you see the movie on [June] 16 or after, you'll notice that there's a couple surprises there that we wanted to leave for the release of the movie to avoid any possible leaks and stuff. So, there's a couple more surprises there."

It’s curious that both the Muschiettis implied that there would be more than one surprise. It seems quite possible that there could be multiple character cameos in store after the credits are done rolling.

To that point, and treading lightly around spoilers, there are special cameos in The Flash that have leaked, including one that perhaps no one was expecting.

Ex-Superman Henry Cavill, who starred as the Man of Steel for Zack Snyder’s DC trilogy, was reported to have filmed a scene for The Flash. That moment was apparently scrapped, however.

Meanwhile, Arrowverse Flash Grant Gustin recently denied his involvement in the film despite Ezra Miller’s Barry making a special appearance in the DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover in 2020.

It was even rumored that none other than Batman & Robin star George Clooney, who has famously distanced himself from his one-time turn as the Dark Knight, would be joining The Flash for a cameo. It remains to be seen if this is indeed the case.

What Other Surprises Could Flash Have in Store?

It’s clear that The Flash will use Barry’s ability to time and space as a device to bring in Multiversal versions of heroes and villains from other DC projects.

The Multiverse was a concept that the Arrowverse dabbled in heavily, going so far as to build an entire multi-show crossover event around it. Crisis on Infinite Earths touched on quite a few incarnations of the DC Universe, including the 1966 Batman series and the Richard Donner Superman universe.

So with that in mind, and factoring in that The Flash movie had much more money to burn than Crisis did, it would seem that the sky might be the limit in terms of who could show up for a cameo.

Perhaps Barry will zoom by the DC Animated Universe on his travels. Or maybe audiences could get to check in on the Batman world built by Christopher Nolan.

The marketing for The Flash has barely seemed to scratch the surface of the surprises in the movie. DC and Warner Bros. could be holding onto some special guest appearances.

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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