The Flash Movie's Surprising Post-Credits Cameo Might've Just Been Revealed (Rumor)

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Another Batman may be set to make a cameo in The Flash's post-credits scene. 

Ezra Miller's first solo DCU adventure is finally set for release, after months of release date shuffling, a changing of the guard at DC Studios, and plenty of controversies courtesy of Miller themself

Despite all this, the Multiversal adventure is coming and is apparently really good. The first trailer for the blockbuster recently made its debut, teasing a number of Batmen that will help Miller's young hero in a journey 

But recent rumors have begun to swirl about the possibility of even more Caped Crusaders from across the DC Multiverse showing up in The Flash

A Flash Post-Credits Tease

New info has revealed a surprising face who may potentially cameo in the post-credits stinger for DC's The Flash

The Weekly Planet podcast hosts Nick Mason and James Clement shared a 'scoop' during their "Hot Scoop of Shot of Poop" segment claiming that former Batman George Clooney would be making an appearance in the film. 

The rumor came from a listener claiming they "worked on the additional photography" for this summer's DC blockbuster, during which the now-61-year-old Clooney allegedly arrived on set for a brief scene alongside Ezra Miller's hero.

The source noted this sequence would likely be included as a "post or mid-credits scene." The source did note that there is the possibility Warner Bros "could decide not to put it in entirely," but affirmed that it was indeed filmed.

The scene supposedly will see "Ezra [Miller's] Flash [approached] Bruce from behind;" but "when he turns around it's Clooney, not  [Michael] Keaton" suggesting that, if true, Miller's Barry Allen may land in George Clooney's Batman & Robin universe by the end of The Flash's Multiversal adventure.

This information has not been confirmed by either Warner Bros. or DC Studios.

Will George Clooney Actually Be in The Flash?

George Clooney, Batman

Of course, fans have to take all of this with a grain of salt, but it is looking more and more like George Clooney might appear in The Flash

All the dominos seem to be lining up. And with these sorts of things where there is smoke, there could potentially be fire. 

What will be interesting is if this cameo makes it into the film at all, and if it does, what it means for the future of the DCU.

As the writer mentions, "It will most likely be a post or mid-credits scene," but "they could decide not to put it in entirely."

This scene could have been shot years ago at this point, and with all the changes at DC Studios, maybe Clooney has been entirely written out of the plans going forward. 

But what if he hasn't? The former Bruce Wayne actor has not only been rumored to appear in the upcoming film but to potentially become "the new permanent DCU Batman."

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has come out dismissing these rumors, noting the actor would "absolutely not" be the new Batman, but that doesn't mean he won't at least make an appearance. 

Clooney fits perfectly into the older take on the Dark Knight that Gunn is supposedly looking to develop in The Brave and the Bold, so it is hard to completely brush this rumor off as completely impossible. 

All will become much clearer, however, when The Flash finally hits theaters on June 16. 

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