Full Cast of The Boys Season 4: Every Main Actor & Character Who Appears (Photos)

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Susan Heyward as Sister Sage, Antony Starr as Homelander, Valorie Curry as Firecracker

The Boys Season 4 just premiered on June 13 with a three-episode debut and a cast that is chock-full of top-caliber actors.

The Amazon Studios series on Prime Video exists in an exaggerated world filled with superheroes. However, superheroes in this universe aren't as great as they’re cracked up to be—in fact, they’re quite terrible people.

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The Cast, Characters, and Actors of The Boys Season 4

Antony Starr - Homelander

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

The infamous Homelander leads the show, brought to life by the incredibly talented Antony Starr. Imagine an evil version of Superman, and that should give a good idea of what he can do.

Following the events of Season 3, where he brutally slaughtered a protester in front of everyone, Homelander is now forced to juggle the pressure of being on trial in front of the world while also raising his son, Ryan. It’s not an easy status quo to juggle.

Fans can see Starr in other projects such as Banshee, Cobweb, and Outrageous Fortune.

Karl Urban - Butcher

Karl Urban as Butcher in The Boys

Karl Urban plays Butcher, the founder of The Boys, who, after using too much Temp V, finds his time on this Earth quickly counting down. To make matters worse, most of his former team despises him for everything he’s done up through the first three seasons.

Butcher’s biggest goal in Season 4 is finding some way to get Ryan away from Homelander before the youngster turns out like his homicidal father. This outcome could potentially signal the end of the world.

Urban has also portrayed iconic characters in Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings series, and Judge Dredd.

Jack Quaid - Hughie Campbell

Jack Quaid in as Hughie Campbell in The Boys
The Boys

Hughie Campbell, played by Jack Quaid, has come a long way since Season 1. Now, he’s a key member of The Boys, and he’s the only reason Butcher hasn’t been thrown out yet.

Season 4 will see Hughie continue to struggle with the idea that he is one of the most useful members of the team, as well as dealing with his dad's sudden medical issues.

Quaid voices Clark Kent in Max’s animated series My Adventures With Superman, and he recently played a key role in Scream V.

Erin Moriarty - Starlight/Annie

Erin Moriarty as Starlight in The Boys

At the end of The Boys Season 3, Erin Moriarty’s Starlight quit Vought and The Seven to publicly oppose Homelander during his murder trial. She is now a full-fledged member of The Boys, going by the name Annie and having retired her fancy super suit.

Starlight has the ability to take in nearby electrical energy to create blinding lights.

Some previous work of Moriarty’s includes Blood Father, Captain Fantastic, and The Kings of Summer.

Jessie T. Usher - A-Train

Jessie T. Usher as A-Train in The Boys

A-Train, played by Jessie T. Usher, grows tired from his life at Vought and is always being pushed and pulled around by Homelander. Despite that, he remains a reluctant member of The Seven.

His power is super-speed, which almost killed him due to the heart problems he suffered in Season 3.

Usher recently starred in the Paramount Pictures horror film Smile and can also be seen in an episode of Tales of the Walking Dead.

Laz Alonso - Mother’s Milk

Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk in The Boys

With Butcher out as leader, Laz Alonso’s Mother’s Milk (MM) is now team captain for The Boys. He also has zero patience for Butcher in Season 4 and wants Urban's character off the team.

MM also works directly with the FBI and the United States government to try to take down Victoria Neuman.

Alonso played the role of Tsu’tey in 2009’s Avatar and lends his voice talents to Robot Chicken and My Dad the Bounty Hunter.

Chace Crawford - The Deep

Chace Crawford as The Deep in The Boys

Chance Crawford’s The Deep is a deeply troubled supe with a laundry list of past sins. While he is a pathetic character all the way around, he somehow managed to land his spot back in The Seven.

He has the ability to communicate with sealife and has increased speed and agility in the water.

Crawford previously starred in Gossip Girl for over 100 episodes. Some other projects of his include Blood & Oil, Casual, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Tomer Capone - Frenchie

Tomer Capone as Frenchie in The Boys

Tomer Capone plays Frenchie, an original member of The Boys who is always working to outrun his questionable past. Of all his teammates, he’s grown closest to Kimiko—though the two aren't in a relationship.

Season 4 sees Frenchie getting involved with a new guy with whom he has complicated ties.

Capone can also be seen in Fullmoon, Charlie Gold One, and Fauda.

Karen Fukuhara - Kimiko Miyashiro

Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Miyashiro in The Boys

Karen Fukuhara’s Kimiko Miyashiro has come a long way since Season 1 of The Boys. While she still can't communicate vocally, Kimiko continues to work on her verbal skills on top of her usual signing.

Thanks to Anne joining the team, Kimiko is no longer the only member of The Boys with superpowers.

Recently, Fukuhara provided voice work for Pokemon Concierge, The Boy and the Heron, and Craig of the Creek.

Colby Minifie - Ashley Barrett

Colby Minifie as Ashley Barrett in The Boys

Ashley Barrett’s life is far from easy, and Colby Minifie’s frantic, panicked Vought CEO is balding because of it. Somehow, she hasn't gone crazy yet, but perhaps that’ll change in Season 4.

Audiences might know Minifie as her time as a big bad on Fear the Walking Dead, and she’s also shown up in I’m Thinking of Ending Things and Jessica Jones.

Laila Robins - Grace Mallory

Laila Robins as Grace Mallory in The Boys

Grace Mallory, played by Laila Robins, is the original founder of The Boys. She’s always trying to pull the strings behind the scenes, doing her best to be one step ahead of everyone—though she admittedly falls short on occasion.

Mallory enjoyed a brief cameo near the end of Gen V Season 1.

Robins also portrayed Pamela Milton, the leader of the Commonwealth Community, in The Walking Dead.

Claudia Doumit - Victoria Neuman

Claudia Doumit as Victoria Neuman in The Boys

Claudia Doumit’s Victoria Neuman is one of the main antagonists of Season 4, who finds herself running for Vice President of the United States. She’s secretly a supe who can explode people’s heads, but the wider world does not know that.

Neuman appeared in Gen V where she successfully got her hands on the deadly supe virus, though it remains unclear how she plans on using it.

Some of Doutmit’s previous projects include Timeless, Where’d You Go, Bernadette, and Dylan & Zoey.

Cameron Crovetti - Ryan

Cameron Crovetti as Ryan in The Boys Season 3

Cameron Crovetti’s Ryan is the biological son of Homelander and Becca (Butcher’s late wife), who inherited his father’s superpowers. 

While the child is currently aligned with Homelander, Butcher hopes he can find a way to pull him out of the psychopath's Influence.

While Crovetti may still be a child, his resume boasts projects such as Big Little Lies, Boy Kills World, and The Gray Man.

Jim Beaver - Robert Singer

Jim Beaver as Robert Singer in The Boys

Jim Beaver's Robert Singer is Victoria Neuman's running mate who is running to be President of the United States.

Beaver can be seen in several other hit television shows, including Deadwood, Supernatural, and Breaking Bad.

Simon Pegg - Hugh Campbell

Simon Pegg as Hugh Campbell in The Boys Season 1

Simon Pegg embodies Hugh Campbell, Hughie’s sweet and innocent dad. Season 4 sees Hugh struck with sudden medical issues, which brings the Campbell family together in unexpected ways

Pegg starred in the fan-favorite zombie film Shaun of the Dead and its spiritual sequels Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. He also appears as Benji Dunn in five of the first seven Mission: Impossible movies.

Susan Heyward - Sister Sage

Susan Heyward as Sister Sage in The Boys

Susan Heyward’s Sister Sage utilizes a superpower that makes her the smartest person in the world, which leads Homelander to personally recruit her to fill an empty spot in The Seven.

Sage has very little interest in holding her tongue, and she'll say whatever she's thinking whenever she wants to—a quality one would think might trigger Homelander.

The actress is also seen in Hello Tomorrow!, Powers, and Orange is the New Black.

Valorie Curry - Firecracker

Valorie Curry as Firecracker in The Boys

Valorie Curry is Firecracker, another new face brought in to fill an empty spot in The Seven. Before joining the team, she was known for running a conspiracy theorist show, riling up Homelander supporters with fake stories about the Deep State.

As her name suggests, she can shoot off firecrackers from her fingers. She also carries a pistol on her.

Curry played Charlotte in The Twilight Saga, starred as the leading character Kara in Detroit: Become Human, and was also featured in Fox's The Following.

P.J. Byrne - Adam Bourke

P.J. Byrne as Adam in The Boys

Fresh off his time in Gen V, where he was nearly killed by rouge supes, P.J. Byrne’s Adam Bourke is back creating his hammy superhero movies and shows that audiences know him for.

The Wolf of Wall Street, Big Little Lies, and The Big Cigar are three other projects in which fans can spot Byrne.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Joe Kessler

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Joe Kessler in The Boys

Jeffery Dean Morgan is Joe Kessler, a mysterious former acquaintance of Billy Butcher who finds himself crossing paths once again with The Boys' ex-leader.

Morgan has known The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke since their days on Supernatural, but most fans know the actor from his time as Negan in The Walking Dead franchise.

Rosemarie DeWitt - Daphne Campbell

Rosemarie DeWitt as Daphne Campbell in The Boys Season 4

While The Boys fandom is familiar with Simon Pegg’s Hugh Campbell, Season 4 will introduce Rosemarie DeWitt’s Daphne Campbell—Hughie’s long-lost mother, whom he hasn't heard from since he was six.

DeWitt can also be seen in La La Land, Pantheon, and Little Fires Everywhere.

Rob Benedict - Splinter

Rob Benedict as Chuck in Supernatural

Rob Benedict, another Supernatural alum, joins Season 4 of The Boys as Splinter, a supe who can split himself into different copies of himself.

On top of Supernatural, Benedict appears in Felicity, Lucifer, and Kings of Con.

Malcolm Barrett - Seth Reed

Malcolm Barrett as Seth Reed in The Boys

Seth Reed, played by Malcolm Barrett, is a public relations writer for Vought who helps figure out how to weave their narrative to the public.

Audiences might recognize Barrett from his time in projects like Timeless, Better Off Ted, and Preacher.

Elliot Knight - Colin

Elliot Knight
Elliot Knight

Elliot Knight’s Colin is the new love interest for Tomer Capone’s Frenchie, who, unbeknownst to him, shares a complicated connection with The Boys member.

Some of Knight’s previous projects include Titans, Animal Kingdom, and Hacks.

Maddie Phillips - Cate Dunlap

Maddie Phillips as Cate Dunlap in Gen V

Cate Dunlap, played by Maddie Phillips, will return in The Boys Season 4. First seen in Gen V, he has the power of suggestion, allowing her to make people do what she wants after touching them with her bare skin.

Following her attack on Godolkin University, she lost her arm before being saved by Homelander himself.

Phillips's past work outside The Boys universe includes Teenage Bounty Hunters, Ghost Wars, and Supernatural.

Asa Germann - Sam Riordan

Asa Germann as Sam Riordan in Gen V

Asa Germann’s Sam Riordan hails from the Amazon Studios spin-off series Gen V, where he teamed with Cate Dunlap to cause mayhem and carnage against the humans of Godolkin University.

His powers give him extreme super strength and resistance, with the extra caveat of Sam being a little crazy.

The last time audiences saw him, he had just shut off his emotions thanks to Cate's help.

Germann can also be seen in the Netflix series Monster. Gen V and The Boys mark his biggest onscreen credits to date.

Matthew Gorman - Todd

Matthew Gorman as Todd in The Boys

Matthew Gorman’s Todd is a former father figure to Mother Milk’s daughter, who is a deep fan of Homelander. In fact, he was even part of the crowd that saw the superhero laser a man to death.

Some of Gorman’s previous roles include The Big Cigar, Workin' Moms, and Falling Water.

Christian Keyes - Nathan

Christian Keyes as Nathan in The Boys

Nathan, played by Christian Keyes, is A-Train's older brother and coach. During the events of Season 3, he became disabled due to an incident with Blue Hawk (another racist).

Nathan and A-Train are not on the best terms as Season 4 kicks off, something Reggie wants to fix.

Keyes has also starred in All the Queen’s Men and Saints & Sinners.

Nathan Mitchell - Black Noir

Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir in The Boys

While Black Noir died at the end of Season 3, this new person filling in the mantle will be played by the same actor, Nathan Mitchell—though it will technically be a different person.

Mitchell can be seen in other projects such as iZombie, Ginny & Georgia, and Arrow.

The Boys is now streaming on Prime Video.

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