The Boys: Gen V's Big Homelander Twist Explained

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Gen V shocked audiences with a big Homelander twist, so here's a breakdown of what exactly happened.

Homelander has been a blight on the world of The Boys ever since he first appeared. However, when it comes to Gen V, the spin-off's cast hasn't needed to worry about him too much.

In fact, so far, he’s only been mentioned in off-hand, background conversations.

The Homelander-Shetty Connection

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Gen V.

In Episode 7 of Gen V, two leading characters learn the truth about Homelander’s involvement in the crash of Trans-Oceanic Flight 037.

For those who don’t remember, the haunting airliner crash was a key moment in The Boys Season 1, Episode 4.

The Boys, Homelander

After killing a group of hijacking terrorists, Homelander accidentally destroys the plane’s control console. With no way to save everyone onboard, Homelander forces Queen Maeve to abandon the passengers and let it crash.

The Boys, Homelander, Queen Maeve

The information reveals itself to the cast of Gen V not long after Marie and Jordan are snooping around Dean Shetty’s office.

Gen V, Marie

Marie comes across a blue folder filled with information about the crash of Flight 037.

Gen V

It doesn't take long for her to realize that there are two important names on the list of its passengers: Paul and Lilly Shetty; the Dean’s family were among the victims.

Gen V

The last piece of the puzzle fits into place just before the group watches Dean Shetty slit her own throat (thanks to Cate): Homelander is the one who brought the plane down, not terrorists like Vought claimed.

Gen V, Shetty

Will Homelander Be Gunning for Gen V?

For Dean Shetty, she won't be around to get any retribution for her family—seeing as she’s dead.

But the information about Trans-Oceanic Flight 037 getting out to Marie and Jordan is massive. That piece of information proved to be a huge bargaining chip against Homelander in previous seasons of The Boys, so while they don’t know it yet, they might have implicated themselves by simply knowing the truth.

In fact, their knowledge of the situation could lead the cast of Gen V right into The Boys themselves.

After all, it sure seems like Homelander will be getting off scot-free for murdering a man in front of everyone in the finale of The Boys Season 3. If the information about the destroyed Trans-Oceanic flight were to finally come to light, that might be the nail in the coffin for Homelander’s public support.

Either way, uncovering the horrible truth about Antony Starr’s villain is a major step in connecting the cast of Gen V with the original series starring Karl Urban.

Another big connection is how Dean Shetty was creating a Supe killing virus—something that could undoubtedly prove helpful in ending Homelander’s life.

Hopefully, Gen V's finale will help paint a clear picture of how the characters from both of the Prime Video shows will crossover with one another. 

The Boys and Gen V are now streaming on Prime Video.

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