Gen V: Jordan Li's Confusing Powers Explained

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Gen V, London Thor & Derek Luh as Jordan Li

The Direct is here to help explain Jordan Li's confusing powerset in Gen V.

The new series from Amazon Studios is a spinoff of the wildly popular series The Boys, and in it, audiences were introduced to a host of new characters. Many of these characters even had exciting new abilities fans hadn't seen before.

The leading character, Jaz Sinclair's Marie Moreau is a blood-bender, Andre Anderson is this world's version of Magneto, and Emma Meyer is basically Ant-Man.

Another key cast member, played by London Thor and Derek Luh, has the ability to swap back and forth between their male and female forms. But Jordan Li's powers are a little more complicated than simply switching gender on demand.

What Are Jordan Li's Powers in Gen V?

Gen V Jordan Li male and female counterparts together
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Jordan Li is one of Godolkin University’s top students, and they are one of the most powerful supes on campus. However, their powerset is still confusing to many fans.

Let’s start with the obvious: Li can switch between male and female forms, an ability that fits perfectly alongside their gender fluidity. While being able to swap is great on its own, each persona comes with unique powers.

When Jordan is a male, they are nearly invulnerable. This is demonstrated when they brush off a bullet shot at them by Clancy Brown's Brink and during their fight with Patrick Schwarzenegger's Golden Boy, where Li changes to a dude to withstand Luke’s fire attack.

As a female, Li’s power set is far more offensive. In this form, they can fire energy blasts and seem far more agile overall.

It’s not known why Jordan was gifted so many different powers, but it does make them notably unique amongst their peers.

While not many details are known about Jordan Li’s past, audiences do know that they were born a boy at birth and given Compound V when they were younger. Li’s father disapproves of seeing them as a female, and it’s something that often poses a strain on their relationship.

What Does the Future Hold for Jordan Li?

With a supe killing virus being created, fans can’t help but feel that not everyone in the main cast is going to make it. Hopefully, Jordan Li will be one of the survivors by the time the dust settles.

After all, given their power levels, it feels like a missed opportunity not to have them go up against Homelander at some point. If they can handle a brawl with Golden Boy, perhaps standing up against the leader of The Seven isn’t so far-fetched.

Thankfully, Gen V is renewed for Season 2, so the show will be getting more episodes. Fingers crossed, that means fans are already set to get even more Jordan Li on their screens.

Gen V is now streaming on Prime Video.

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