Gen V Season 2 Gets Hopeful Update from Producer

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Gen V just got a hopeful update on the show's potential Season 2 from its producer.

The Boys is one of Amazon Studios’ most beloved properties, so it’s no surprise to see Gen V garnering the same level of positive reception. While many were hesitant about a spinoff in general, it’s safe to say the final product has proven itself.

So far, four episodes of the show have aired, which introduced audiences to a wide range of colorful new characters, with many of them sporting completely new power sets for The Boys universe. For example, the leading character, Marie Moreau, can control blood—a power she often has to access by cutting herself open.

The big mystery of the season is the secretive project called “The Woods”, which seems to be experimenting on Supes right under Godolkin University itself.

Will Gen V Get a Season 2?

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In an interview with The Wrap, Gen V showrunner Michele Fazekas shared a hopeful update about the series’ possible Season 2.

Fazekas admitted “[they] do not have an official season to order yet” but that they remain “hopeful” and have even “gotten the writers together to talk about what’s possible.”

Executive Producer Eric Kripke revealed that they simply “need to see how the show performs:”

“We need to see how the show performs, and we need to see if people are watching it, and if Amazon’s happy…”

Kripke also confirmed that “there is a second season writers room for Gen V.” He went on to elaborate on how getting that setup already is a great sign:

“I mean, look, the fact that Amazon has paid for Michele to have a second season [writers] room is a good sign… So, you know, fingers crossed.”

The Wrap also spoke with Co-head of Television at Amazon Studios, Vernon Sanders, who shared “that people [were] sort of flipping out” in a similar way to the positive reception the show is currently receiving:

“We just had such confidence in the work that Michele and Eric, [showrunner] Tara [Butters], and the whole team were doing. And you can tell; as those cuts came in, you’ve got buzz in the office that people are sort of flipping out in the same way that the fans are flipping out now. So we wanted to get the writers started right away figuring out what Season 2 looks like…”

Sanders confirmed that “[they’ve] been seeing incredible results” when it comes to the reception of Gen V:

“We wanted to take a moment and make sure the show had the reception that we were looking for. And in the first five days, we’ve been seeing incredible results within the U.S., internationally. It’s 2023, and it’s in our top three most acquisitive shows. A ton of people signed up for the service just to watch, and I think that’s a testament to ‘The Boys’ and also word of mouth. The show has just sort of taken off online, so we’re thrilled with what we’re seeing so far.”

Previously, Deadline confirmed back in January of this year that a writers room had been created with Michele Fazekas, who was executive producer and co-showrunner for the first season. Her previous partner, Tara Butters, was reported to be taking some break from the business for family time.

What's Next For Gen V?

Given the nature of superhero stories, technically speaking, Gen V could go on for quite some time. With its fantastic character work and the brilliant cast, it's hard to see audiences being opposed to even more stories with them.

Ironically, The Boys universe seems to rarely follow super-powered people who actually want to be heroes—outside of Erin Moriarty’s Starlight, of course. So, watching an entire cast of them take on this cynical universe is refreshing in a strange way.

The bigger question, outside of a potential second season, is: when will any of these characters crossover with The Boys? It’s bound to happen sooner rather than later—especially since some of them (including Marie herself) were briefly mentioned in the mothership show’s third season.

Perhaps whatever is going on in “The Woods” is big enough that it could attract the attention of The Seven—or even Butcher and his boys.

The first four episodes of Gen V are currently streaming on Prime Video.

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