The Boys Season 4: Producer Addresses If More Spin-Off Shows Will Release After Fourth Season

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Could The Boys get more spin-off shows after Season 4 airs?

Prime Studios just premiered Gen V, the first spin-off in the insane world of The Boys. The series follows a group of college Supes who stumble into a huge conspiracy unfolding under their noses.

So far, the show is receiving extremely positive feedback. With such a great reaction, could Amazon decide to branch off yet another spinoff?

After all, since it focuses on superheroes, there’s an endless amount of directions it could go.

Will There Be More The Boys Spin-Offs After Season 4?

The Boys

In an interview with, The Boys Season 4 and Gen V producer Pavun Shetty commented on whether there'll be another spinoff set in the world of those shows.

Shetty noted that "[they're] lucky that fans love [Gen V] so much," and how it's important they "are really diligent and thoughtful about what [they] do next:"

"We're lucky that fans love ['Gen V'] so much and there's real anticipation for 'Gen V', and there's a lot of characters to build upon. There's a lot of different areas from the books across time periods that we could really capitalize on... But, I think the most important thing for us there is that we are really diligent and thoughtful about what we do next."

The producer admitted that "[they'd] love to have multiple shows," but that he thinks fans "can sniff out when it's just a show for a show's sake:"

"We'd love to have multiple shows, but I think audiences are really savvy and sophisticated, and I think they understand when there's a reason a show is coming out for the proper reasons and there's a real story to tell and it feels of the same world, but different. I think they can sniff out when it's just a show for a show's sake, and so we are really thinking about what the next show could be and how it can be thoughtful and fit into the universe and feel like it's a puzzle piece that fits in with everything else, but is not just a show for show's sake."

What's Next for The Boys and Gen V?

When Gen V was first announced, fans were understandably hesitant. Spin-offs can often be considered cash grabs and can result in an IP being extended past its limit.

Thankfully, Gen V seems to have proven doubters wrong, as most audiences are already in love with its new story and colorful cast of characters.

But another spinoff could really push Amazon’s luck. It’s probably best that the studio continue to maintain what they have going—focusing on making The Boys Season 4 as good as it can be and figuring out what the next step for Gen V is.

After all, one day or another, the two shows will almost certainly crossover at one point or another. Maybe that’ll result in a one-off project of some sort.

For now, Gen V still has another four episodes to wow audiences with.

As for The Boys Season 4, no release date is known, but filming for the upcoming installments was complete. Finishing them up in post was likely delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, so when those are both resolved, hopefully, the new episodes will be ready as soon as possible.

Gen V is now streaming on Prime Video.

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