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Gen V introduces a host of new superpowers into the world of The Boys, so here's how they all stack up against each other.

Amazon Prime Video's new spinoff series follows a group of college kids at Godolkin University, a school for Supes, who accidentally stumble into a massive conspiracy that could change everything.

The story’s setting, a university for those with Compound-V running through their veins, is intriguing in its own right. However, when one adds in the debauchery that comes with anything in The Boys universe, then the winning combination shines through.

To paint a picture of the unique additions to the world, here are the power sets of Gen V's leading characters, ranked by overall strength and usefulness.

Ranking Gen V’s New Powers

11.) Harper’s Tail

Harpers Tail Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

Harper’s power is more of a mutation than it is an ability—Jessica Clement’s Godolkin student has a tail.

It hasn’t been used in any creative way and honestly looks like it would just get in the way of everyday life instead of providing any help.

10.) The Invisible College RA

Invisible RA Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

Recast for Gen V, Nicholas Hamilton’s Maverick, also known as the son of Translucent, has the abilities of his father: he’s almost completely invisible.

The character hasn’t played a large role in the show yet, but his powers haven’t left a mark compared to everyone else introduced in the series. The only use Maverick seems to consistently get out of his powers is by spying on people in the showers.

Not exactly a Supe all-star.

9.) Tek-Knight’s Smooth Talking

Tek-Knight Gen V Smooth Talking
Amazon Prime Video

Derek Wilson’s Tek-Knight just got his introduction, and he’s nothing like his comic counterpart.

Instead of having any high-tech suit, instead, Gen V gave him some extreme powers of perception—like a Suped-up Sherlock Holmes. Of course, his powers can be quite useful, but when directly compared to those at Godolkin University, Tek-Knight comes out a bit behind.

Clearly, however, his reputation suggests that his utilization of his gifts is not to be trifled with.

8.) Emma Meyer’s Little Cricket

Little Cricket Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

Emma Meyer is basically Ant-Man but without any of the conveniences afforded to the famous Marvel hero.

Sadly, Lizzie Broadway’s character can’t just shrink or grow. To get small she needs to actively purge herself, and to get bigger Emma needs to consume an incredible amount of calories—she can’t casually jump between sizes like Paul Rudd’s hero.

In a pinch, more often than not, Emma won’t be too much use. The prep required to utilize her power set definitely goes against her for the purpose of these rankings.

She can still be incredibly useful, however, as showcased on multiple occasions in the series.

7.) Cate Dunlap’s Hand of Suggestion

 Cate Dunlap Hand of Suggestion Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

If Maddie Phillips’ Cate Dunlap touches someone, she can convince them to do anything she wants. Needless to say, this is an extremely powerful and useful ability.

However, there are some caveats that cause her to rank lower on this list.

First, she has to make physical contact to activate her abilities. This can make her influence extremely easy to avoid if someone sees it coming.

Another is that the further she extends herself using her powers, the more of a physical effect it has on Cate. So she needs to be careful about how often she’s influencing others.

Cate also ranks a tad lower due to not having any use in a combat scenario besides maybe instigating others on her behalf.

6.) Rufus’ Living Roofie

Rufus Living Roofie Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

Rufus is a creep, plain and simple. At some point in the series, the man is described as a walking and talking roofie pill.

While Alexander Calvert’s Supe seems to possess some limited ability to read minds, he can also convince people to do things he wants. In doing so, he can cause those same people to forget and lose time, as seen with Marie in Episode 4.

Unlike Emma, using his abilities doesn’t take anything out of him. But don’t interpret this ranking as any form of support for the character—Rufus does truly come off as scum.

Like Cate, his powers aren’t much use in an actual fight besides avoiding one altogether.

5.) Sam Roridan’s Crazy Strength

Sam Riordan Strength Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

Like his brother, Asa Germann’s Sam is super strong and nigh invincible. He can also leap massive distances in a single bound.

While his strength could easily best many characters in the world of Gen V, his psyche is a little shattered. This often leaves him feeling confused, frustrated, and lost.

On one hand, this can make him far more dangerous. On the other, it would be extremely hard to rely on him in any large capacity—the key crux that puts him lower on this list.

4.) Andre Anderson’s Magnetism Manipulation

 Andre Anderson Magnetism Manipulation Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

It’s a statement to the power sets in Gen V that Andre Anderson isn’t higher on the list seeing as how Magneto, a character with similar abilities, is considered one of the most powerful mutants Marvel has.

In a fight, provided metal is present (which it often is in some form or another), Andre is a force to be reckoned with. With Luke dead, he’s one of the new favorites to be lined up as a future member of The Seven.

Being able to manipulate metal also provides plenty of utility, making him useful outside of combat scenarios as well.

Since Andre’s dad, Polarity, has similar powers, he’d end up being ranked about the same.

3.) Golden Boys’ Flame

Golden Boy Flame Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Luke, or Golden Boy, has the ability to light himself on fire like Marvel’s Human Torch. A fancier way of saying that? He has thermokinesis.

In addition, he seems to retain a notable level of super strength and invulnerability. He can also fly while in flame mode.

By default, he has to be toward the top of this list—the show spent lots of time telling audiences how strong he was and that the kid was ranked as #1 before his sudden and explosive ending.

He does lose some points for usefulness, however, since his powers aren’t much use in any scenario besides straight-up combat. 

Had he not died, he would have likely joined The Seven.

2.) Jordan Li’s Dual Powerset

Jordan Li Dual Powerset Gen V
Amazon Prime Video

On the surface, Jordan’s powers don’t seem like much: they can change their sex on a dime. While that alone wouldn’t amount to much, each persona holds its own set of abilities.

While they are female (played by London Thor), Jordan gets increased agility and energy blasts. In their male form (played by Derek Luh), those powers are swapped out for super strength and invulnerability.

The character’s power sets could use a little more definition in the series, but it’s clear they are at the top of the food chain. Having so many power sets to switch to whenever they want gives a level of versatility to Jordan Li that not many Supes can match.

Jordan is also the only one to have stood up to Golden Boy as he was trying to kill Marie—something the wider school now knows about.

1.) Marie Moreau's Blood-Bending

Marie Moreau blood bending
Amazon Prime Video

Marie Moreau’s powers are among the more unique and grosser abilities in Gen V’s universe. Jaz Sinclair’s character has the ability to weaponize her own blood—which she usually accesses after cutting herself open.

These powers can be extremely destructive, as her own tragic origin story showcases. While she hasn’t used her powers to any notable limit just yet, Marie is capable of much more than she realizes.

This is teased with her ability to save the life of the clubgoer in Episode 1 or how she was able to pop someone’s dick like a water balloon a few episodes later.

If she can control blood in its entirety, then every human on planet Earth could easily be crushed by an angry Marie Moreau. She could even start popping heads like The Boy’s Victoria Neuman.

Hopefully, her character will continue on a more heroic path.

Needless to say, at the height of her potential, Marie’s powers certainly deserve the number one spot.

Gen V is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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