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Starlight actress Erin Moriarty and Kimiko star Karen Fukuhara just teased another inevitable crossover between Gen V and The Boys.

While the recent Gen V spinoff series was mostly telling its own story, it did manage to give audiences some fun crossovers with the flagship show. This included scenes with Victoria Neuman, Ashley Barrett, Grace Mallory, and more.

Fans were even treated to a brief appearance from both Antony Starr’s Homelander and Karl Urban’s Butcher in the Season 1 finalethe latter of whose scene directly “sets up The Boys Season 4.”

A Gen V Crossover Is in The Boys' Future

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During The Direct's coverage of L. A. Comic Con, The Boys stars Karen Fukuhara and Erin Moriarty, who play Kimiko and Starlight, respectively, teased a crossover between their characters and those introduced in the new spinoff series Gen V.

When asked by moderator Eric Goldman if they'd want their characters to play around in the world of Gen V, both actors were excited by the idea.

Fukuhara revealed that she's already had talks with The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke] about a potential crossover:

"Yes, I've already talked to [Eric] Kripke about it. I don't know how, but I think Frenchie and Kimiko need to make an appearance somehow. I mean, they must be on a mission somewhere in that world, right?"

Moriarty fed the excitement in the room by exclaiming, "Hell yes, [she'd] love to be in [Gen V]:"

"First of all, hell yes, I would love to be in ['Gen V']. But second of all, I'm all for, like--[Eric Kripke] is gonna sprinkle in those characters, not just cause. Not just to get people to watch it. It's never going to be arbitrary. It's going to be purposeful, right? And I just hope that some characters follow suit perhaps with either the vigilante component and like sticking it to the man or something Starlight-esque where they [rebel] in a similar way..."

The actress behind Starlight made it clear that she "[wants] to stay in this universe... forever:"

"I want to stay in this universe, in some iteration. I'd stay in it forever. But I think there would be a cool way to enter it when the time is right for our kinds of presence in that world."

Fukuhara declared that Gen V definitely "[needs] an episode full of The Boys."

How Will The Boys Crossover With Gen V?

The real question is, how exactly could the cast of Gen V cross paths with Kimiko or Starlight?

Seeing as Butcher found the remains of The Woods in the final moments of the spin-off show’s finale, that seems like a logical plot thread to carry over. Maybe the crew will be nice enough to save the true Guardians of Godolkin (Marie, Emma, Jordan, and Andre) instead of leaving audiences waiting until Gen V Season 2.

Another possibility is that The Boys will first run into Cate and Sam, who could very well have been promoted into The Seven after the events of Gen V. However, It’s unclear if that’ll end up being the case since Season 4 will be introducing some new supes of its own in Sister Sage and Firecracker.

But when exactly will The Boys Season 4 release? Well, the current estimate is late February or early March, but Amazon Studios has not released an official launch window.

Until more information is shared, fans can watch the first teaser for the next batch of episodes, which promises even more pure insanity.

The Boys is now streaming on Prime Video.

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