The Boys Season 4: New Release Projections Revealed

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Following the debut of The Boys Season 4's new trailer, fans have honed in on the projected release timeline of the series' new episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

On Saturday, December 2, the streamer released the first teaser for Season 4 of The Boys, confirming that the series will make its return in 2024.

But after Season 3 concluded in July 2022 before its new spin-off, Gen V, made its eight-episode run on Prime Video this Fall, the big question is when exactly The Boys Season 4 will debut.

For comparison, Season 2 had its first official trailer drop on July 8, 2020, before the season began streaming on September 4, marking a 58-day gap between those two milestones.

Season 3 had a much longer timeframe as the first trailer debuted on March 12, 2022, with the season starting 83 days later on June 2.

Using these timeframes to predict Season 4's release date, a 58-day wait after the first trailer's debut would indicate a January 29, 2024 debut. Alternatively, an 83-day gap would set the show up to begin its run on February 23, 2024.

When Will The Boys Season 4 Release?

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The Boys Season 4's production and upcoming release were impacted by 2023's Hollywood strikes, with creator Eric Kripke confirming this summer that the new episodes' ADR sessions needed to get pushed back due to the actors striking. 

The big question now is when exactly it will make its grand return with so much other content coming from Prime Video early in 2024.

Currently, the streamer has the action-comedy Mr. & Mrs. Smith series, starring Donald Glover, lined up for a February 2 debut, with its eight-episode run potentially lasting through March 22 if one episode debuts per week.

Also on the docket is the Fallout series set in the world of the iconic Bethesda game franchise, which will arrive on April 12 following Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

To make enough space for both of those series and The Boys to all breathe, The Boys is now projected to release in either late February or early March, starting during the back half of Mr. & Mrs. Smith's first season.

This could mean that Prime Video will aim close to the aforementioned February 23 release date, which would be 83 days after Season 4's first trailer dropped.

The first three seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and Season 4 is confirmed for release sometime in 2024.

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