Will Gen V's Cate Appear In The Boys Season 4?

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Cate, The Boys

Of Gen V's full promising young cast, it's Maddie Phillips' Cate Dunlap who might have the best chance of appearing in The Boys Season 4.

Cate was initially introduced to viewers as Golden Boy’s girlfriend, who wields (and struggles with) her powerful telepathic abilities. Throughout the season it was revealed that Cate had close ties to Dean Shetty and The Woods, which all came to a head in the season finale.

While Gen V was initially designed to stand separate from its parent show, the series has consistently held ties to The Boys, whether it be with subtle references or full-on cameos. The producers have since confirmed that Gen V's finale is designed to "handoff" to The Boys Season 4, indicating there are more crossovers in the future.

What Happened to Cate In Gen V's Season Finale?

Cate in Gen V Episode 8
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Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Gen V

While Cate was initially depicted as a friend to the likes of Marie and Andre in Gen V, the tables really turned in the season finale

After initially manipulating her friends on behalf of Dean Shetty, Cate then learned the truth about Godolkin University in Episode 7: that it is a front to study superheroes and discover their weaknesses. Following this she turned on Shetty and used her powers to kill her. 

Cate in Gen V Episode 8
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In Episode 8, Cate and Sam decide to team up and take revenge by freeing the prisoners of the Woods and releasing them onto the campus.

Marie, Andre and Jordan attempt to stop Cate and Sam, with Marie even exploding Cate's arm during the attack, until they are interrupted by the arrival of Homelander.

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The leader of The Seven is unhappy to have witnessed Marie fight one of her fellow supes and takes Cate's side, attacking Marie and her friends. 

The last we see of Cate is via a news report. Marie, Andre, Jordan and Emma were framed for the onslaught on the university, while Cate and Sam are labelled the new Guardians of Godolkin. The news segment is watched by Homelander, who seems satisfied with the outcome.

Gen V Episode 8 Cate and Sam
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What is Cate's Future in The Boys Universe?

While fans will have to wait a while for Gen V to return with its second season, The Boys Season 4 is imminent.

Given Homelander's arrival in the finale and where things ended for Cate, it seems likely she could be primed for an appearance in the next season. 

While there are no solid plot details for Season 4 yet, Homelander will presumably be continuing his reign of terror and he now seemingly has an ally in pro-supe supporters like Cate and Sam. 

The final episode also saw Vought CEO Ashley Barrett looking to promote a Godolkin student to The Seven. As the new Guardians of the Godolkin, Cate would now be one of the likely choices to take that spot, particularly with Homelander's support.

Even if Cate doesn't appear in Season 4 of The Boys, she will likely still be the main antagonist in Season 2 of Gen V. The status of Marie and co. is unknown, after they were shown waking up in a sealed hospital room, but no doubt their goal will still be to put a stop to Cate and Sam's plans and clear their names as the true Guardians of Godolkin.

Gen V Season 1 is streaming now in full on Prime Video.

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