The Boys Season 4's New Black Noir: Who He Is, Explained

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The Boys Season 4 has a new Black Noir—but just who is he under the mask?

To set the stage, it's important to remember how the original Black Noir died in the series.

The fateful moment happened in the Season 3 Finale when Homelander confronted him about holding back information that Soldier Boy was his biological father. Noir had worked with Soldier Boy in the 1980s in a different superhero team, Payback, and also played a key role in handing the poster boy over to Russia.

While Homelander and Black Noir had been good friends up to that point, the betrayal was too much, leading Homelander to punch out his guts.

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Who Is The New Black Noir In Season 4?

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Right out of the gate, it is probably best to simply answer the question everyone is wondering: No, in the first three episodes, The Boys does not reveal who is now standing in for Black Noir.

However, there are some notable hints as to who they generally are as a person.

The biggest comes in Episode 3, where Noir is scolding Minifie Colby’s Ashley Barrett for needing direction. He goes on to say that he “studied performing arts at Godolkin University.”

This points to the man in the suit being nobody important but simply an actor hired by Vought to fill in. He’s a really committed actor, too, since he did not seem to have much trouble beating people to death with bats in the first episode.

This new Black Noir is really chatty, much to the chagrin of everyone around him. It probably is not a stretch to assume that might be what eventually comes back to bite him in the ass.

Funny enough, while the character is different under the mask, it is still the same actor, Nathan Mitchell, under the mask.

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What's Next for Black Noir on The Boys?

What's really interesting about Black Noir in The Boys Season 4 is that its plot is in completely unique territory.

In the comics, Black Noir is actually a clone of Homelander himself, created to terminate the real Homelander if he steps out of line. Clearly, given the storyline of Season 3, that is not the direction that Amazon Studios chose to go.

It's hard to imagine that this Black Noir will turn out to be anything important at this point. He'll more than likely end up being killed as the butt of a joke.

Perhaps his role in The Seven will become a rotating chair of sorts, with new people trying to fill in each episode.

Though, he'll at least get to do something, as The Boys Season 4 trailer did show Billy Butcher fighting Black Noir in The Boys' office. It is hard to imagine this actor will stand much of a chance, especially if they do not have superpowers.

The Boys is now streaming on Amazon Studios' Prime Video.

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