Will Gen V's Marie Appear In The Boys Season 4?

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Following a troubling cliffhanger during the finale of Gen V, is there any chance Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) returns in The Boys Season 4?

Marie, who can manipulate blood, is the leading protagonist in Gen V Season 1. Her tragic story of accidentally killing her parents the day she learned about her powers put her on a path of atoning for those childhood sins.

If her powers sound familiar, that's because The Boys' evil Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) has similar abilities, making her appearance in Gen V greatly important.

Gen V guest star Doumit, who will cross back over to The Boys in Season 4, told EW before the release of the spin-off series that it "lays a lot of the groundwork" for the parent show:

"'Gen V' lays a lot of the groundwork and a lot of the foundations that season 4 will be built on for 'The Boys.' So, watch it because it gives you a lot of information."

What Happened to Marie In Gen V's Season Finale?

Marie in Gen V finale.
Gen V

By the conclusion of Gen V's finale, super-powered young adults Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan find themselves in a situation far from their desired outcome.

In the final scenes, Cate, along with Sam, releases those trapped in The Woods, causing havoc at Godolkin University. 

Although Marie, Andre, Emma, and Jordan make progress in thwarting the chaos, a sudden turn of events occurs when the unwelcome presence of Homelander disrupts their almost-heroic endeavors.

Homelander in the Gen V finale.
Gen V

Homelander, disapproving of Marie's actions against another Supe, seizes control and stops their progress. While fans may have anticipated this long-awaited cameo, the repercussions leave Marie in a bad place.

Marie in a hospital gown in the Gen V finale.
Gen V

This development positions Marie and her friends to potentially join The Boys Season 4, following the post-credits scene where Karl Urban's Billy Butcher discovers the aftermath of The Woods.

The main cast of Gen V trapped in The Woods by the end of the finale.
Gen V

What Is Marie's Future in The Boys Universe?

Ironically, many fans were unaware that Marie had already been in The Boys

Gen V viewers noticed a subtle cameo by Marie Moreau in The Boys Season 3, Episode 2. During the episode, Hughie (Jack Quiad) pays a visit to the Red River Institute, a facility functioning as an orphanage for Supe children. In a brief moment on screen, records of the residents, including Marie, are briefly displayed.

Photo of Marie's cameo in The Boys.
The Boys

That being said, a crossover featuring Marie's return in The Boys in Season 4 seems imminent following Billy's discovery of The Woods.

It was also confirmed that The Boys Season 4 would directly tie into Gen V Season 2, making an appearance by Marie likely. 

The one issue fans may have with characters like Marie, Emma, Jordan, or Andre appearing in The Boys is that it would resolve a series cliffhanger within a separate show.

This did not work out well when The Book of Boba Fett continued the story from The Mandalorian Season 2, reuniting Grogue and Din Djarin (who were emotionally sent their separate ways during the finale).

However, based on Homelander, Billy Butcher, Congresswoman Neuman, Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie), and Solider Boy (Jensen Ackles) appearing in Gen V, it's clear that the creative plan is to have these shows seamlessly weave within each other.

To learn what happens next for Marie and the cast of Gen V, fans will need to tune into The Boys Season 4, streaming in 2024.

Gen V is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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