Laz Alonso's Weight Loss: The Boys' Mother's Milk Actor Comments on 'Trimming Down'

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Laz Alonso, who plays Mother's Milk (M.M.) on Amazon Prime Video's hit superhero series The Boys, opened up on his weight loss journey ahead of Season 4.

Following his work in films like Fast & Furious and Avatar, Alonso brings a sense of level-headedness to his character in The Boys while adding to the intensity seen by his team in the fight against Vought International.

Fans will see M.M. in a unique situation in Season 4 as the titular boys stand against their leader, Karl Urban's Billy Butcher, although it also comes with an exciting change for Alonso's look on-screen.

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Laz Alonso on Weight Loss for The Boys Season 4

New trailers for Amazon Prime Video's The Boys confirmed Laz Alonso's return to the series as Marvin T. Milk, better known to fans as Mother's Milk. 

Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk (M.M.( wearing a leather jacket, white shirt, and gold chain in The Boys
The Boys

He showed up once more in the most recent trailer for Season 4 released on May 3 as a part of the CCXP convention in Mexico City, although he looks noticeably thinner than he did in the first three seasons.

A fan congratulated Alonso on the weight loss on an Instagram post, with Alonso jokingly replying that he got "carried away" because he had eaten "too much pizza:" 

Fan: "My man, lost some serious weight, looking good papito!"

Alonso: "had to trim it down fam! Got carried away too much pizza"

Laz Alonso as Mother's Milk wearing a jacket, black t-shirt, and gold chain in The Boys
The Boys Season 4

He also shared info on a DNA test from a company called BioSynergy in another post, letting his fans know how the test helped him see what he needed to be putting in his body to stay healthy:

"What I loved about this DNA test is that it told me exactly what vitamins I needed, what supplements I needed, and what I didn’t need."

Alonso explained how putting things in his body that he did not need only "[put his] body under unnecessary stress:"

"Anything that you put in your body that your body doesn’t need, your body is just gonna excrete, but it just puts your body under unnecessary stress, having to filter out stuff that you didn’t need in the first place."

This test helped to revolutionize the way he looked at staying healthy as he only takes in "what [his] body is deficient in" now:

"The DNA test was something that literally revolutionized the way that I look at supplementation and being healthy because I’m only putting in my body what my body is deficient in."

What Will Happen With Mother's Milk in The Boys Season 4?

Seeing Laz Alonso work so diligently towards better health is unquestionably commendable, especially considering fans' reactions to his new look in Season 4.

The big question moving forward for him will be his complicated relationship with Billy Butcher, who will be gunning harder than ever for Vought and their powerful sponsored heroes.

M.M.'s presence in The Boys Season 4's marketing campaign has been limited. However, audiences expect him to work closely with Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) to get revenge for Vought's crimes against humanity.

Additionally, rumors have already teased even more superheroes for The Boys to fight, giving the group all they can handle with the world's safety in the balance.

The Boys Season 4 arrives with a three-episode premiere on June 13.

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