The Boys Season 4 Release Date Schedule of Episodes (Confirmed)

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The world now knows when The Boys Season 4 will be premiering on Amazon Prime Video.

Fans have been dying to see more of Homelander and Butcher’s story, especially after the events of both The Boys Season 3 and its 2023 spin-off, Gen V.

The last estimated premiere window put the release date for new episodes between May and June later this year - after both Invincible Season 2 and Fallout 76 had run their course.

Release Date For The Boys Season 4 Revealed

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A new press release straight from Amazon Studios confirmed that The Boys Season 4 will debut with three new episodes on Thursday, June 13, on Prime Video.

From there, fans will see new episodes released every following Thursday, seemingly at 8:00 p.m. ET. Currently, no proper titles are revealed.

Below are the exact dates to expect each installment:

  • Episode 1 - June 13
  • Episode 2 - June 13
  • Episode 3 - June 13
  • Episode 4 - June 20
  • Episode 5 - June 27
  • Episode 6 - July 4
  • Episode 7 - July 11
  • Episode 8 - July 18

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What Should Fans Expect From The Boys Season 4?

One thing fans are most interested in about The Boys Season 4 is how it will connect with the events of Gen V.

Interestingly enough, the last time Victoria Neuman was seen, she had the deadly Supe virus. This seems awfully bad for Homelander, who would currently have no idea such a weapon exists, let alone so close to his (probably) temporary ally.

Then there’s also the matter of Kate and Sam, who, by the end of Gen V, were in a good spot to fill in the empty holes in The Seven. Though, Season 4 has cast some new big-time Supes (like Firecracker and Sister Sag), so the college kids might not make the cut.

Another big surprise for the show was seemingly confirmed earlier this year when Soldier Boy star Jensen Ackles was seen playing golf with a Season 4 branded hat for the series. It looks like his character being on ice won't be a long-time gig.

The biggest question many audiences have, however, is if both Butcher (who is short on time) and Homelander (who everyone wants dead) will actually make it out of this season alive.

The Boys Season 4 premieres on June 13, only on Prime Video.

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