Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Gets Promising Update: When Will It Release?

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A new quote has fans marking their calendar with potential Hazbin Hotel Season 2 release dates. 

After years of development and an incredibly successful YouTube pilot, Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano's hellish R-rated animated series finally came to Amazon Prime Video in January 2024, thanks to A24

The series was initially greenlit for a two-season run; however, word on that second batch of episodes has remained scarce. Last fans heard production had started on Season 2, with series star Brandon Rogers telling The Direct in February, "We are in the middle of shooting the f--king thing right now."

Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Release Projections

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Thanks to one of the show's biggest stars, Hazbin Hotel Season 2 received a promising update regarding its eventual release. 

In a conversation with Collider, Charlie Morningstar actress Erika Henningsen revealed the team is "pretty far" into production on the series' sophomore effort:

"Pretty far, pretty far... Yeah, pretty far and I'm trying to think of anything I can give you that doesn't... We're far. We're far and I think people are going to be... I just think people are going to be really excited by Season 2. We go in some new directions."

Season 2 has no publicly available release date, but this could indicate where the show stands in the creative process. 

Henningsen previously revealed the series was back in production in late January, posting an image of herself recording for Hazbin with the caption, "We're back, and I couldn't be happier."

This means Season 2 of the R-rated musical comedy seems to be nearing the six-month mark of its production schedule. 

Season 1 was announced to be in production in August 2020 before releasing on Amazon Prime Video in January 2024 (41 months later).

However, this is not an accurate representation of the show's production pipeline. Season 1 was initially set to debut sometime in Q2 2023, but it was delayed due to the Hollywood actors' and writers' strikes that dominated the entertainment industry for much of last year. 

If Season 2 follows a similar schedule to Season 1, a release sometime closer to 2026 seems most likely. 

Henningsen's quotes could indicate the show may be further along than Season 1 was at this point, though. That means there is a real possibility that Season 2 will be released sooner than that, possibly sometime in 2025. 

Why the Wait for Hazbin Hotel Season 2 May Be Shorter

If there is one thing Hazbin Hotel fans have grown accustomed to, it is patiently waiting for more from the animated world. 

Following the show's pilot debut on YouTube in October 2019, it would be nearly four-and-a-half years until the series saw the light of day in its proper Season 1. 

The same goes for the series' animated spin-off, Helluva Boss, as audiences are in the middle of a nearly eight-month wait in the middle of Season 2

However, that streak of standing by of a slow drip-feed of news looks like it could be coming to an end with the second season of Hazbin Hotel

While Season 1 took some time to finally be released, the Hazbin creative team had the benefit of knowing that Season 2 was already coming before the first was released. 

That is not to say work started in earnest on the second batch of episodes before the release of Season 1. Still, it is looking like showrunner Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano may have started Season 2 earlier than expected. 

This meant that the second the Hazbin cast and crew were done promoting Season 1, they could immediately get back in the driver's seat and start working on Season 2. 

Animation can take some time, and Hazbin Hotel is likely a particularly demanding series given its scale, but the foundation has at least been set with Season 1. 

They are not starting from scratch with the second season of Hazbin, which could help speed up the release of the series. 

So, while a judicious prediction would put a Season 2 release date in either late 2025 or early 2026, there is a chance it could be sooner. 

Hazbin Hotel is streaming on Amazon Prime Video:

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