Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Gets New Release Update & Announcement

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Hazbin Hotel recently wrapped up its first season and creator Vivienne Medrano made an exciting announcement about the status of Season 2.

The animated musical comedy series has been a hit for Prime Video, scoring the biggest global debut for viewership of a new animated title on the platform, surpassing shows like Invincible.

Hazbin Hotel Season 2 was confirmed back in September 2023 in a trailer for Season 1. Since then fans have been wondering exactly how long it will take for more episodes to be ready.

Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Gets a Promising Update

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In an interview with Screen Rant, Hazbin Hotel creator and star Vivienne Medrano provided a release window for Season 2 of the animated series. 

Medrano admitted to not knowing the exact projected release date for Hazbin Hotel Season 2 but did say the process would likely follow a similar timeline to the first season, which took about "one-and-a-half to two years":

"Roughly, Season 1 took [between] one-and-a-half to two years [to produce]. I think it's probably similar [for Season 2] because we are in the early stages."

The creator added that this rough timeline would be a "normal wait" for animation and hopefully won't be nearly as long as the wait for the first season, which was delayed due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes in 2023.

Another promising sign is that Medrano said the team was in the "writing-recording stage" which suggests things are moving quickly for the Prime Video series:

"We're in the writing-recording stage, which is very exciting. It's been awesome to get back in the booth with the actors."

This aligns with previous hints that the actors were already working on the new season after star Erika Henningson posted an image to Instagram of her in a recording booth.

Then, while appearing on a live YouTube Q&A for Hazbin Hotel's Season 1 finale, Medrano confirmed officially that recording was in motion:

"I'm excited to officially announce that we have begun recording for Season 2!"

Additionally, Medrano confirmed that all of the cast members in the interview with her would be returning for Hazbin Hotel Season 2, which included Erika Hennington (Charlie Morningstar), Blake Roman (Angel Dust), Amir Talai (Alistair), Jessica Vosk (Lute) and Joel Perez (Valentino). 

Lastly, the creator added that audiences can expect "new characters" to appear in the next season:

"I'm very excited, there's going to be tonnes of characters coming back and new characters."

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When Will Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Be Released on Prime Video?

As Hazbin Hotel Season 2 moves forward into production, the question still remains of exactly when fans will see it. 

Should Hazbin Hotel follow the same release timeline as the first season, as Medrano suggested, that would mean that the next season is still 12-18 months away. 

A mid-2025 release date seems most likely for Hazbin Hotel Season 2, assuming everything goes smoothly with production. 

While it's still a while to wait, it's a far cry from the rumored 2027 release date that had fans spiraling earlier in the month. 

As for the plot of Season 2, little is known, but it is reassuring to see that the core cast and their characters will be returning for the next season. 

The first season also saw its share of notable guest stars, including Darren Criss and Jeremy Jordan, and the promise of new characters hopefully means even more exciting cast members can appear on the show. 

All episodes of Hazbin Hotel Season 1 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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