Hazbin Hotel's Alastor Actor Reveals His 1 Big Hope for Season 2

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The actor behind Alastor from Amazon Studios' Hazbin Hotel animated series shared one of the things they hope to see for the show's Season 2, which has already been greenlit.

Before Hazbin Hotel ever hit Prime Video, it faced an uphill battle. Despite having a huge following with only a prototype pilot released in 2019, the show already had controversies—such as recasting and redesigning most of its original cast.

But the project has gotten over those and has been a hit, with many fans only hoping to see more episodes sooner rather than later.

Hazbin Hotel's Alastor Reveals Season 2 Desires

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In an interview with Mama's Geeky, Amir Talai, who portrays Alastor in Hazbin Hotel, shared his request for the cast to be together in the recording studio when performing songs for the second season:

"I'm hoping for Season 2 we get to have some more time together [in the recording booth], especially when we're doing duets and stuff like that. It's just so much better."

The topic first came up when Talai, alongside co-stars Blake Roman and Kimiko Glenn, was asked if cast members recorded together.

Glenn was the first to admit they all recorded separately, which she noted is "usually how it happens" in animation:

"That's usually how it happens. In animation, it's very lucky and unusual if you get to have ensemble records. It's hard to align schedules that way."

Given how well all the actors seem to bounce off each other, it will probably be surprising to many that they are all performing on their own.

"It's the genius of the voice directors," shared Glenn, with Roman adding voice director Richard Horvitz "was integral to that:"

"It's all Richard [Horvitz]... Maintaining the cohesion of personalities and expectations of how this next line is going to be said. He was integral to that. They did a fantastic job in the room."

In talking more about his excitement to be a part of the series, Talai explained that he "was so excited to play a role that [he felt] suits [him] really well" and that "[he's] so excited that [they] have a Season 2:"

"Yeah, for me, just was so excited to play a role that I feel suits me really well... There's comedy, there is music, there's a dark edge, which is so fun. And you know, just working on it with Vivienne [Medrano] and voice director Richard Horvitz, they're just so great to work with that after I did one episode, I was like, 'When am I going to be back?' Like, let's keep working as much as possible. And I'm so excited that we have a Season 2, so we get to keep going."

While speaking to Screen Rant, Amir Talai spoke more about why he loved portraying Alastor, which includes the fact that the demon is "unapologetically evil:"

"What I love about Alastor is that he's sort of unapologetically evil. He's just like, I want to just fuck shit up, and I love this. I love the idea that he's showing up to help, even though he's convinced that it'll never work. For him, this is a fun game."

He continued, expressing how "[Alastor's] always smiling, but you don't know exactly what's going under the surface," something the actor himself can "relate to:"

"And it's like they doubt him at first because they're like, why would you help us? You're evil? And it's like, no, that's the point. I'm going to help you the best I can, and you're still going to fail, and I'm going to love watching it. I love how delicious he finds the whole thing... And I love that he's always smiling, but you don't know exactly what's going on under the surface.—I kind of relate to that."

When Will Season 2 of Hazbin Hotel Land?

While Season 2 of Hazbin Hotel has been greenlit, fans have no idea when new episodes might arrive.

The good news is the stars are already back in the recording booth for Season 2. This could point to a possible release as early as 2025.

However, some (hopefully jestful) comments from Alastor actor Amir Talai have fans worried that Season 2 might not arrive until 2027.

As for what Season 2 will see storywise, first and foremost, it would be exploring what exactly Lilith is, and has been, up to. The long-absent mother is also due for a big family reunion.

Then there's Alastor himself, with one of the biggest question marks in the show remaining unanswered:—which individual owns the demon's soul?

Hazbin Hotel is now streaming on Prime Video.

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