Hazbin Hotel Season 2: New Release Update Worries the Fanbase

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Charlie Morningstar in Hazbin Hotel

New quotes from one of Hazbin Hotel's biggest stars rocked the animated series' fanbase with concern growing over Season 2's release date. 

Amazon Prime Video's R-rated musical just rounded out its first batch of eight episodes on the service after three weeks of animated hell-based mayhem. 

The wait for the first season was a long one, initially debuting as an animated pilot on YouTube in 2019 before being picked up for a two-season order by Amazon Studios and A24

Hazbin Hotel '2027' Comments Shake Fans

Hazbin Hotel Season 1 finale
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Following comments on when Hazbin Hotel Season 2 will be released, the fanbase has been sent into a flurry of concern. 

During a recent Q&A for the series on creator Vivienne "Vivziepop" Medrano's YouTube channel, star Amir Talai mentioned the year "2027" for Season 2's release, saying, "Season 2 2027, stay tuned."

Taslai - who plays Alastor in the series - seems to have been saying the release year in jest, joking that it will be yet another long wait for fans of the show. However, that has not stopped the fanbase from sharing their disdain for the release update. 

Fans like Lil_Ms_Alex posted on X (formerly Twitter), sharing that Taslai's comments made her "heart actually [sink]:"

"My heart actually sunk for a moment."

G-Mizon 624 shared a similar sentiment, exclaiming an extended "No!" online to the release 'news.'

While most seemed to understand Taslai's remark was likely a joke, Hazbin fanatics like Olivia Balafika shared a simple "F*** no" to the idea of waiting that long for more episodes of the hit series:

"3 more years!!!???? Oh fuck no."

When Is Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Actually Releasing?

Yes, it may have been a bit of an extended wait for Hazbin Hotel Season 1 to release thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic and then dual strikes in Hollywood, but fans should not be too worried when it comes to Season 2. 

To put it plainly, while entirely possible, it seems highly unlikely Prime Video subscribers will be waiting until "2027" for Season 2 of the R-rated animated series to air. 

In the same Q&A where Taslai jokingly made his infamous release date comment, co-star Erika Henningsen (who voices Charlie Morningstar) made it clear that they are "very busy on Season 2."

This is in line with recent social media activity from the actress, who posted in late January that she was "back" working on the series and "couldn't be happier."

So, it is safe to assume Season 2 is in active production and headed down the road to its eventual release. 

Looking ahead at when fans can expect the hell-raising adventure to return, a late 2024 or early 2025 release date seems most likely at this point (not 2027). 

Animation can take some time to get right, so a Q1 2025 feels like here Hazbin Hotel Season 2 will end up falling, meaning it could be 12-16 months before the series is back and not three years as some may have feared. 

Hazbin Hotel Season 1 is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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