How Old Is Charlie Morningstar In Hazbin Hotel 2024 Show? Her Age Revealed

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Charlie Morningstar in Hazbin Hotel

The age of Hazbin Hotel’s main character Charlie Morningstar is far greater than it may appear on the surface. 

Hazbin Hotel, Amazon Prime Video’s new maturely-themed animated series, stars the princess of Hell, Charlie Morningstar. 

In the show, the underworld is overcrowded, leading Charlie to take it upon herself to try to rehabilitate the sinners who were condemned there and send them to Heaven.

Just How Old Is Charlie Morningstar?

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In Hazbin Hotel, Charlie Morningstar might simply resemble a woman in her 20s, but her true age is much higher. YouTuber Faustisse, who worked on the show, confirmed during a livestream that Charlie is actually over 200 years old.

It’s worth noting, however, that she is not immortal. According to series creator Vivienne Madrano, demons like Charlie in Hazbin Hotel age in "Hell years," which pass far slower than regular human years.

When Do New Hazbin Hotel Episodes Drop?

Fans of Hazbin Hotel might be curious as to when the rest of Season 1 will arrive on Amazon for streaming.

The first four episodes of the series premiered on Thursday, January 18. The next two installments will arrive on Thursday, January 25, and both the penultimate episode and the season finale will debut on Thursday, February 1.

Audiences can expect more laugh-out-loud moments and show-stopping musical numbers when the new episodes are released.

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