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Hazbin Hotel is finally here, and its visual and thematic insanity is ready to be experienced by all who dare venture into hell to meet its wild denizens.

The concept of the show began as a Patreon-funded pilot dropped on YouTube by creator Vivienne Medrano in 2019. After gaining more than 90 million views, a staggering total, the idea was picked up by A24 for an eight-episode series set to debut on Amazon Prime Video.

The show follows Charlie Morningstar, the daughter of Lucifer, as she opens up a hotel where she hopes to rehabilitate sinners so they can be sent to heaven.

Cast, Characters, and Actors of Hazbin Hotel

Erika Henningsen - Charlie Morningstar

Erika Henningsen, Charlie Morningstar from Hazbin Hotel
Erika Henningsen

Erika Henningsen’s Charlie Morningstar is the daughter of Lucifer himself and the princess of Hell, who has the unique dream of creating a hotel to redeem sinners and damned souls in hell so that they can go up to heaven. She is also the girlfriend of Stephanie Beatriz’ Vaggie.

Henningsen is known for her role as Cady Herron in the original Broadway production of Mean Girls and can also be seen in Girls5eva, Harlem, and Blue Bloods.

Stephanie Beatriz - Vaggie

Stephanie Beatriz, Vaggie from Hazbin Hotel
Stephanie Beatriz

Vaggie, played by Stephanie Beatriz, is Charlie’s fierce and dedicated girlfriend who serves as the manager of the Hazbin Hotel. While she is a skilled combatant, she also has a big heart despite her rough exterior.

Most will recognize Beatriz’s voice from Encanto, where she voiced Mirabel, while others will know her from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Blake Roman - Angel Dust

Blake Roman, Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel
Blake Roman

Angel Dust was once a famous porn star, which makes Blake Roman’s character quite the horndog. Despite how they might look on the exterior, his confidence helps mask his true feelings and struggles.

Hazbin Hotel is Roman’s largest acting role yet, previously having a guest spot on Blue Bloods.

Amir Talai - Alastor

Amir Talai, Alastor from Hazbin Hotel
Amir Talai

Alastor is a mighty and charismatic demon who offers to help Charlie in her mission at the Hazbin Hotel for his own amusement. He is also obsessed with radio, as his voice sounds like it’s coming from an old-timey radio.

Talai can also be seen in The Circle, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and Legally Blonde 2: Red. White and Blonde.

Kimiko Glenn - Niffty

Kimiko Glenn, Niffty from Hazbin Hotel
Kimiko Glenn

Kimiko Glenn’s Niffty is the maid and cook for those at the Hazbin Hotel. She’s a small, highly energetic demon who sports one large eyeball—whose gaze is easy to get lost in.

Glenn voiced Peni Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and also played roles in Orange is the New Black, Centaurworld, and Nerve.

Keith David - Husk

Keith David, Husk from Hazbin Hotel
Keith David

Husk, played by Keith David, is brought on as the front desk clerk and bartender of the Hazbin Hotel. He’s also a gambler and magician who has no patience for Angel Dust’s shenanigans.

Many will recognize David’s iconic voice, which can be heard in The Princess and the Frog, Rick and Morty, and Amphibia.

Alex Brightman - Sir Pentious

Alex Brightman, Sir Pentious from Hazbin Hotel
Alex Brightman

Sir Pentious starts as a villain trying to destroy Charlie and her team but eventually goes on to become a client of the Hazbin Hotel, positioning himself to potentially become one of the first sinners to be redeemed for Heaven.

Sir Pentious has a love of building steampunk machines and always walks around with an army of loyal and subservient Egg Boiz.

Some of Brightman’s other projects include The Blacklist, Helluva Boss, and Dead End: Paranormal Park.

Christian Borle - Vox

Christian Borle, Vox from Hazbin Hotel
Christian Borle

Vox, played by Christian Borle, is the main antagonist of Hazbin Hotel, which is meant to be a satire of modern-day tech corporations. He has a very particular history with Alastor, which leads to a dangerous rivalry between the two, which could cause problems for Charlie’s dreams.

In opposite contrast to Alastor’s obsession with radio, Vox is more of a TV person—which makes sense, given how his head is shaped as a TV.

Joel Perez - Valentino

Joel Perez, Valentino from Hazbin Hotel
Joel Perez

Joel Perez gives his voice to Valentino, a key antagonist of the series who is a close associate of Vox. He is also the owner of Porn Studios, giving him a unique connection to Angel Dust, who is currently on team Charlie.

Perez can also be seen in Odd Mom Out, Person of Interest, and The Outs.

Leslie Rodriguez - Rosie

Leslie Rodriguez, Rosie from Hazbin Hotel
Leslie Rodriguez

Rosie, voiced by Leslie Rodriquez, owns Rosie’s Emporium and is one of the Overlords in Hell, who works with the villainous Vox.

Some of Rodriquez’s previous parts include Bridge and Tunnel, New Amsterdam, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Lilli Cooper - Velvette

Lilli Cooper, Velvette from Hazbin Hotel
Lilli Cooper

Lilli Cooper’s Velvette is another member of the Overlords of Hell who works alongside Vox, Valentino, and Rosie.

Cooper can also be seen on Dynasty, NCIS: New Orleans, and Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock.

Jeremy Jordan - Lucifer Morningstar

Jeremy Jordan, Lucifer Morningstar from Hazbin Hotel
Jeremy Jordan

Jeremy Jordan gets the honor of voicing the big bad Lucifer Morningstar himself, leader of hell and father of Erika Henningsen’s Charlie.

At one point during its run, Jordan played a main role in CW’s Supergirl. He is also known for his work on the Broadway production of Newsies.

Sarah Stiles - Mimzy

Sarah Stiles, Mimzy from Hazbin Hotel
Sarah Stiles

Sarah Stiles’ Mimzy is a recurring character throughout the series who is both a singer and club owner.

Some of Stiles’ previous roles include parts in Get Shorty, Billions, and The Crew.

Darren Criss - Saint Peter

Darren Criss
Darren Criss

Darren Criss portrays Saint Peter, an important member of Heaven’s Society.

Criss’ rise to fame began with his time as Blaine Anderson in Glee, but he also went on to play a role in projects such as Supergirl, American Horror Story, Hollywood, and more.

James Monroe Iglehart - Zestial

James Monroe Iglehart, Zestial from Hazbin Hotel
James Monroe Iglehart

Zestial, brought to life by James Monroe Iglehart, is another recurring villain in the first season of Hazbin Hotel who is a rather tall Spider Demon.

The actor can also be heard in Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure and Superkitties. He’s most well known for his time as the Genie in the original Broadway production of Aladdin.

Patina Miller - Sera

Patina Miller
Patina Miller

Patina Miller’s Sera is an angel, singer, and member of Heaven.

Miller can be seen in Power Book III: Raising Kanan, The Hunger Games: Mockingbird Part 1 & 2, Madame Secretary, and more.

Krystina Alabado - Cherri Bomb

Krystina Alabado, Cherri Bomb from Hazbin Hotel
Krystina Alabado

Krystina Alabado's Cherri Bomb is a good friend of Angel Dust’s who sports pink freckles and an alarmingly large smile—which is something she shares with more than a few demons.

Some of the actress’ previous work includes Pantheon, Monster High, The Zombie Wedding, and more.

Brandon Rogers - Katie Killjoy

Brandon Rogers, Katie Killjoy in Hazbin Hotel
Brandon Rogers

Katie Killjoy, who is voiced by Brandon Rogers, is the head anchor of 666 News, a broadcast program seen throughout Hell in the series.

Rogers also voices Blitzø in Helluva Boss.

Hazbin Hotel is now streaming on Prime Video.

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