Hazbin Hotel Episode 7 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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The release date for Hazbin Hotel Episode 7 was revealed along with the remaining Season 1 schedule. 

The hit animated series from YouTube creator Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano has proven a massive success since its Amazon Prime Video debut. 

Starting as an animated YouTube pilot, the demonic R-rated music was eventually picked up by Amazon and A24, ordering a whole season on the streamer, which is - to the fans' disappointment - already almost over. 

Hazbin Hotel Episode 7 Release Imminent

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Fans finally know when to expect Hazbin Hotel's last two episodes to be released on Amazon Prime Video. 

The final two Hazbin episodes (Episode 7 and Episode 8) have been given a release date of Thursday, February 1, marking the end of this animated first season. 

Both will be available in prime time, hitting the service at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, which is in line with what the rest of Season 1 has been doing up to this point. 

The titles for the episodes have also been made public, with Episode 7 being titled "Hello Rosie" and Episode 8 "The Show Must Go On."

Check below for the remaining release date schedule for Hazbin Hotel:

  • Episode 7: Thursday, February 1
  • Episode 8: Thursday, February 1

Are Hazbin Hotel Episodes 7 & 8 the Last?

Sadly, for fans who have been waiting nearly half a decade for the Hazbin Hotel series, the journey looks almost over (at least for now). 

Episode 8 marks the end of this batch of episodes on Prime Video with some wondering if the show will be back for more. 

Well, it does not look like there is any need to worry, as Amazon Studios and A24 committed to the R-rated musical comedy.

Following the release of a Season 1 trailer in September 2023, creator Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano teased "Season 2 is coming" (via Screen Rant).

As for when that next batch of episodes is "coming," it remains to be seen. 

Production for Season 1 took years to complete. Hopefully, Season 2 can expedite the process and get new episodes to fans sooner. 

If recording is happening now, there is a chance audiences will be sitting down to stream Season 2 as soon as January 2025. 

This is an exciting prospect for a devoted fanbase that has been used to laboriously waiting over the last half-decade.

Hazbin Hotel is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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