Hazbin Hotel: Here's How Alastor Died, Revealed by Series Creator

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Hazbin Hotel  creator Vivienne Medrano unpacked Alastor's death in the real world. 

Alastor, voiced by Amir Talai, is a former radio host and a serial killer later known as the Radio Demon, one of the Overlords of Hell. 

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Hazbin Hotel: Alastor's Death Explained 

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Speaking with IGN in December 2023, Hazbin Hotel creator Vivienne Medrano talked about the true nature of Alastor's origins. 

While confirming that Alastor is not influenced by Princess and the Frog villain Dr. Facilier, Medrano revealed that the character died in New Orleans: 

“No. There was no influence there, but I think the reason there's an association is that when I created Alastor, he was a very kind of hoodoo voodoo-influenced character, and I still want him to have a lot of New Orleans influence. That's where he lived and died as a person."

The show's creator then pointed out that Alastor is a character she doodled during her "early school years:"

"Obviously, 'Princess and the Frog' is set there and Dr. Facilier has that entire thing going on, so I think that's where the association came from. But that movie came out way, way after I'd made Alastor. He's existed since I was in middle school, which is kind of insane that he's made it to being in an actual animated series. He was a character I doodled in my early school years.”

Medrano teased Alastor's backstory even more in a stream in August 2019 where she unveiled that the Radio Demon isn't afraid of dogs, but he is not a fan of them mainly due to "backstory reasons" related to his death. 

The question seemingly stemmed from the fact that the Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light wiki, which is fan-made, said that Alastor died after he was mauled to death by canines. 

In a live stream from January 2020, Hazbin Hotel visual developer Faustisse finally revealed that Alastor was shot in the head by a hunter while trying to bury a body on a hunting ground. 

In the real world, Alastor, a mixed-race Creole, was an only child and a famous radio star. During his time behind the mic, Medrano said that the future Radio Demon was "living his best life."

During his time in hell, it was evident that Alastor was not fond of using modern technology. 

Will Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Redeem Alastor?

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Hazbin Hotel Season 1 ended with various twists and turns that set up an exciting Season 2. 

Throughout Season 1, Alastor showcased that he is somewhat irredeemable and always wants something in exchange.

While the Radio Demon's menacing smile and treacherous demeanor made him a fan favorite, some have theorized that there is still a chance that there's good inside him. 

It remains to be seen if a story of redemption is in the cards for Alastor. Still, a past prequel webcomic titled "A Day in the Afterlife" (via Screen Rant) chronicled how he killed a butcher for trying to murder an innocent lamb demon during one random encounter in hell. 

Whether Alastor can be redeemed in Season 2 or beyond remains to be seen, but it shows that anyone can still shift to the good side when given a chance.

Hazbin Hotel is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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