First Look at Sydney Sweeney In Spider-Man's Madame Web Movie (Photos)

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Sydney Sweeney Madame Web

While Spider-Man: No Way Home blew audiences away with its Spider-Men trio, Sony's Madame Web looks to follow suit but with a whole ensemble of Spider-powered heroines.

Set to release in 2024, Madame Web stars Dakota Johnson as the film's title character. But again, she's far from the only super-powered character. 

In fact, Johnson will be joined by the likes of Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O'Connor, Emma Roberts, and Isabela Merced. 

While Sony has been keeping Madame Web's story under wraps, fans have learned a bit of what to expect from photos and videos from the set.

 And, now, a new batch of photos has offered the first glimpse of Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney in her Madame Web role.

Photos of Sydney Sweeney's Madame Web Character

Twitter user @DakotaJBRA has revealed the first looks at Sydney Sweeney's character for Madame Web.  

In the post, Sweeney is seemingly following Dakota Johnson's character out of a subway and sporting red hair, a plaid skirt, and glasses.

An additional post offers a better look at Sweeney and her character's costume, as well as fellow members of the Madame Web cast, including Celeste O'Connor and Isabela Merced.

It's worth noting that the cast's costumes in these images support speculation that Madame Web will be set in the early 2000s and around the time of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man trilogy.

A closer look at Sweeney and Celeste O'Connor can be seen in the following Tweet below:

While Sydney Sweeney's character has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony, reports suggest that she will be playing Julia Carpenter who happens to be both the second Spider-Woman and the second Madame Web. 

Meanwhile, Celeste O'Connor is currently credited as Mattie Franklin or Spider-Woman while Isabela Merced is playing Anya Corazon or Spider-Girl

More Than One Madame Web? 

Following Sweeney's casting in Madame Web, theories as to who the actress would play in the film ranged from Black Cat's Felicia Hardy to Gwen Stacy or Spider-Gwen.

However, Sweeney's appearance in these photos, particularly in terms of her hair color and black and white outfit, seems to support the claim that she's playing Julia Carpenter. 

If so, that actually leads to a number of other questions. After all, Sweeney's Carpenter isn't just the only Madame Web or Spider-Woman in these photos. 

Just how that will work, and if it will work overall for the audience, remains to be seen. But hopefully, fans will be learning more about this female-led Spider-Man spin-off in the near future.

Madame Web arrives in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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