Watch: Spider-Man’s Madame Web Films NYC Action Scenes In New Set Videos

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Sony Pictures recently went through a rough patch with the upcoming releases for a couple of Spider-Man spin-offs being delayed, meaning the franchise won't come back to the big screen until 2023. Following Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter in October 2023, Dakota Web will bring an even lesser-known character to the big screen with Madame Web in early 2024.

Even with nearly a year and a half until Madame Web hits theaters, Sony is hard at work filming the movie with top-tier talents like Sydney Sweeney, Adam Scott, and Celeste O'Connor in tow

Fans have gotten some interesting looks into filming for this new Spider-Man spin-off, including signs that the story could take place close to when Tobey Maguire's Spidey movies did

Now, a new set of photos and videos have come to light, showing some of the action sequences that will drive the story forward.

Madame Web Shoots New York City Action

Madame Web

Boston reporter Craig Simon shared new photos and videos from the set of Sony Pictures' Madame Web, highlighting new action sequences being shot in Worcester, Massachusetts. This location will stand in for New York City, the central location in Madame Web.

A six-second clip shows a speeding vehicle filming an ambulance pulling over to the side of the road, although it's unclear who's being taken to the hospital:

A longer video shows more details behind the ambulance driving, as cars slowly go down the road with a big camera on top of one vehicle. While the scene only goes for the first part of the video, the cars later reset to go for another round:

Another shot shows a stuntman jumping to the ground and landing on his feet. The post also describes another scene with this character, potentially landing on his feet before jumping into a corvette:

What Kind of Action Will Madame Web Hold?

While it's certainly exciting to get new looks at Madame Web from its Boston set, it's difficult to tell what kind of material is being shot for these particular scenes.

Sony will have plenty of work to do over the coming months to show fans what Madame Web is all about, especially now that the movie won't release for more than a year. But with set photos and videos releasing on a regular basis, there will be a number of conversations amongst fans about what's on the way from Sony.

Madame Web will release in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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