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Warner Bros. may be in the business of scrubbing its upcoming superhero slate, but Sony has taken the opposite approach. Despite the poor reception to Morbius, Sony continues to expand its Spider-Man Universe with Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven and Bad Bunny's El Muerto. But if any of the studio's films have at all piqued fan interest, it's Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson

In addition to Johnson starring as the movie's leading character, Madame Web boasts an impressive cast that includes Sydney Sweeney, Emma Roberts, and Adam Scott. While the roles of Johnson's supporting cast have yet to be confirmed, there has been speculation that Adam Scott might be playing a Variant Peter Parker.

However, new photos and videos from the film set not only seem to debunk this theory but have also revealed more about Johnson's character while also showing her in a dramatic action sequence.

Madame Web's Dakota Johnson In Action

Dakota Johnson Spider-Man

New photos and video from the set of Madame Web in Boston, Massachusetts have made their way online, showing Dakota Johnson's character both in action and dressed as a paramedic. 

The first video shows Johnson and Adam Scott's character taking in the aftermath of a car crash before running towards the wreckage to help. 

The next video appears to show a different take of the same moment as Johnson's character opens the wrecked car door - while it's being rocked back and forth - and climbs inside. 

Johnson can also be seen in her paramedic's uniform in a collection of photos taken during this sequence. 

A few others taken from different angles and perspectives were shared as well. 

Another batch of stills shows Johnson actually in the wrecked car from the previous set videos. 

Finally, the last collection of photos offers the best looks at Adam Scott's character - who's also wearing a paramedic uniform - in the scene alongside Johnson. 

Untangling Sony's Spider-Man Web

Despite the secrecy surrounding Madame Web, these videos and photos are far from the first that have made their way online. 

In recent weeks, additional photos of Dakota Johnson during filming have been shared, as well as photos of Adam Scott on the set who, given his paramedic uniform in today's videos and stills, suggest that he probably isn't a web-slinger after all. 

In addition to what was just shared, one pf the most revealing photos from Sony's Massachusetts set confirmed that Madame Web will be set in the early 2000s due to the presence of pay phones, palm pilots, and a billboard for Beyonce's 2003 album Dangerously in Love.

Of course, this is particularly interesting since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 were released in 2002 and 2004 respectively.  

Even though Sony has yet to reveal what this Spidey story holds and how it connects to Kraven, Morbius, and the other Spider-Man franchises, each new video and still from the Madame Web set is helping fans to untangle the web and maybe build some anticipation as well?

Madame Web hits theaters on October 6, 2023.

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