First Look at Emma Roberts In Spider-Man’s Madame Web Movie Seemingly Revealed

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Sony Pictures is currently hard at work on expanding its Spider-Man Universe with filming for the mysterious Madame Web movie, which is set for release in October 2023. The film boasts an all-star cast of characters in largely unknown roles, including Dakota Johnson in the leading role with Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney, Parks & Recreation's Adam Scott, and We're The Millers' Emma Roberts as supporting characters.

With over a year remaining until the movie's release, fans have gotten a few interesting looks into filming for Madame Web, although the plot and story still remain under wraps for the time being. This includes most of the characters that the film's cast members are actually playing, as all of those roles remain completely in the dark other than Johnson's titular heroine.

Now, thanks to a new round of set photos, fans may have some insight regarding a potentially huge addition to the Spider-Man Universe coming in this solo outing.

Emma Roberts Shines in Madame Web Set Photos

Twitter user @dakotaj_updates shared a pair of set photos from Sony Pictures' Madame Web, which is currently filming in Boston, Massachusetts.

The photos largely focus on Dakota Johnson's Madame Web, although one of them also seems to show Emma Roberts as well. However, it's difficult to be absolutely certain that this is Roberts in the second photo with her hand blocking her face:

The actor appears to be playing a pregnant woman, leading some fans to believe that Roberts is playing a version of Jessica Drew from Marvel Comics. Known for going under the superhero name of Spider-Woman, who is often seen pregnant in the comics while still being a superhero:

Jessica Drew
Marvel Comics

Spider-Woman Coming in Madame Web?

Outside of the web-slinger himself, there aren't many heroes under Sony's umbrella bigger than Jessica Drew, who could be utilized as a key hero in her own right if given the opportunity. Madame Web and Spider-Woman even have some notable ties in the comics, which could lend more credence to her making an appearance in this movie with Emma Roberts in the role.

With Madame Web reportedly being set in the early 2000s, Roberts' potential Spider-Woman could be set up with plenty of history if the character does end up making her big screen debut alongside Dakota Johnson. However, there will likely be plenty of time until anything official is confirmed with regard to this universe, especially with the company still reeling from Morbius and inching closer to releasing Kraven the Hunter.

Filming is sure to continue for at least the next couple of months, with the promotional tour for Madame Web unlikely to truly kick off until early or mid-2023. But considering how little is known about Roberts, Johnson, or anybody else in this new outing, fans will have their eyes and ears open as Sony expands its narrative.

Madame Web is set to premiere in theaters on October 6, 2023.

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