Panchayat Season 4 Gets Big Announcement: When Will It Release?

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According to a recent announcement from director Deepak Kumar Mishra, Panchayat Season 4 could be released sooner than fans previously thought.

Panchayat premiered on Amazon Prime Video in 2020, and Season 3 aired on May 28.

The series follows Jitendra Kumar's Abhishek Tripathi as he navigates life as the Secretary of Gram Panchayat in a town named Phulera.

Panchayat Season 4's Big Announcement

In an interview with Press Trust of India, Panchayat director Deepak Kumar Mishra made an important announcement regarding Season 4 of the hit series.

In the streaming age, many shows have large gaps between seasons because streaming services often wait and see how the shows will perform before greenlighting another installment.

However, Mishra revealed in the interview that Season 4 is already in the works and that, specifically, "three to four episodes" have already been written:

"We have started writing season four. For us, generally, there’s no break between two seasons. The third season is over and we have written three to four episodes (of season four) of the show."

News about the show's future didn't stop there, though, as the director also revealed in his announcement that Season 5 is also currently being planned out, with he and the crew having "a broader idea" of what will happen in that installment:

"So far, we have thought about making seasons four and five. For season four, we have a clear idea, and there is a broader idea for season five."

When Will Panchayat Season 4 Be Released?

Since Panchayat Season 3 was just released, it is impossible to predict exactly when Season 4 will come out.

However, since the show premiered in 2020, the first three seasons have followed a similar release strategy, so it is possible that Season 4 will follow the same pattern.

Season 1 was released on Amazon Prime Video in March 2020. Season 2 followed just over two years later, in May 2022, and Season 3 recently aired in May 2024.

Since all three seasons have been released roughly two years apart, it would make sense for Season 4 to premiere in roughly two years, meaning it would be available to stream sometime in the first half of 2026.

However, it is important to remember that all productions take time and that delays could occur at any point and affect the release window.

It is also worth remembering that "three to four episodes" of Season 4 have already been written. Since there are eight episodes per season, half of Season 4 is already well into development.

It is possible that Season 4's release window could be pushed forward if filming is completed earlier than expected, but for now, the safest assumption is that it will be released sometime in 2026.

The first three seasons of Panchayat are streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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