Maxton Hall Season 2 Prospects Get Discouraging Update from Prime Video

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Maxton Hall, Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video responded to fans wondering about the potential release of Maxton Hall Season 2.

The newly streaming German language romance series is gripping audiences around the world. The show, based on Mona Kasten's book Save Me, hit Prime Video hit the streamer on May 9 and immediately shot up into the top-five on Prime Video's most popular movies & television series list in the United States.

Maxton Hall tells a love story between two students at a German public school, who, despite coming from different walks of life, end up forming a connection after some shocking circumstances bring them together. 

Concerning News for Maxton Hall Season 2 Prospects on Prime

Damian Hardung as James Beaufort in Maxton Hall
Prime Video

According to an online comment from Prime Video, Maxton Hall Season 2 may never be released. 

Replying to fans on Instagram asking about a potential second season of the hit TV romance, the Amazon Prime Video Germany account said (as translated from German), "Unfortunately, we do not have any further information" about Season 2:

Fan: "Watched everything in one slide!! when is season 2 coming?!?!"

Prime Video Germany: "Glad to hear you enjoyed 'Maxton Hall' so much. Unfortunately, we do not have any further information at the moment. Best to keep an eye on our page so you don't miss anything."

This comes as the series is shooting up the charts on the streamer, becoming somewhat of a surprise hit for Prime Video not just in Germany but abroad as well. 

Despite releasing on Prime Video as a relative unknown, it has cemented itself in the top five biggest titles on the service in the week of its release and looks as though it will not stop its ascent any time soon. 

How Likely Is Maxton Hall Season 2?

Despite no current plans (at least publicly according to Prime Video) for Maxton Hall Season 2, that is not to say it is an impossibility. 

Coming out of Season 1 (which is based on Mona Kasten's book Save Me), it is not as though there is no way to go narratively. 

Kasten has two other books in the Maxton Hall series of novels (Save You and Save Us) that the TV show could adapt if it so chose. 

The second book, Save You, sees the series' central couple James Bell and Ruby Bell (played by Damon Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten in the TV series) going through it.

After the pair seemingly call things off at the end of Book 1, they have to deal with the consequences of no longer being so closely connected. While James seems to handle this fine, Ruby longs for the days of spending every moment possible with her former flame. 

As she navigates Ruby's new high-class life that came following her fling with James, the pair have to decide whether it is over for good, or if they still have feelings for one another. 

The reason Prime Video may be acting coy about a potential second season is just a case of the streamer not wanting to count its eggs before they hatched. 

This German-language series was such an unknown quantity before it release, so why would the studio behind get ahead of itself and promise a Season 2 without knowing how Maxton Hall would resonate? 

Well, now that the series is out in the wild and seems to be finding an audience both in Germany and abroad, discussions about a potential Season 2 will likely begin in earnest. 

That is not to say a second batch of episodes is guaranteed, but one can assume that given the success of the first season, Season 2 will be considered heavily. 

Maxton Hall is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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