Who Is Andrea Guo? 6 Things to Know About Maxton Hall's Lin Actress

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Andrea Guo in Maxton Hall

Andrea Guo is turning heads after appearing in Amazon Prime Video's German language drama Maxton Hall

Guo plays Lin Wang, Ruby Bell's (played by Harriet Herbig-Matten) best friend and a fellow student at the prestigious private school at the heart of the new streaming romance series.

The Chinese-German actress has become a staple of both the big and small screen in her home country over the last few years, appearing in hits like The Swarm, German Genius, and Hausen.

6 Facts to Get to Know Maxton Hall's Andrea Guo

Andrea Guo as Lin in Maxton Hall
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Home, Family & Heritage

Andrea Guo (24 years old) was born to Chinese parents in Hollabrunn, Austria on February 2, 2000. 

While the Maxton Hall star would spend much of her childhood in the Republic of Austria, she eventually moved to the States to further her career in acting. 

She moved to New York City in 2017 before heading back to Europe to live in Berlin, Germany two years later in 2019. 

Guo would then move to Los Angeles in 2022, but she currently resides in Berlin. 

Fluent in Multiple Languages

Like many residents of Central Europe, Guo is fluent in multiple languages. 

What makes the five-foot-two-inch TV star a bit different? Instead of speaking languages like French, Danish, or Italian, she is well-versed in German, Chinese, Mandarin, and English. 

German is her native language, but being the child of two Chinese parents, learning Chinese and Mandarin was a key skill the actress picked up to communicate with her extended family.

Studied Acting in Germany

Andrea Guo studied acting both in Germany and abroad in Los Angeles. 

Guo graduated from the Film Acting School Cologne in 2019, honing her craft for stage and screen. 

She would then further her training at Ivana Chubbuck Studios in 2022.

Ivana Chubbuck Studios is known for its training of young actors, with the likes of Charlize Theron, Jim Carrey, Halle Barry, and Jared Leto having walked through its doors at one point to another. 

Film Career 

Guo made her acting debut in 2019, appearing as Birthe in five episodes of the German TV series We Are the Wave

She has since accumulated a long list of credits mostly in German TV and film. 

Her first international acting credit came in 2023 when Guo played Jess in the English language series, The Swarm

Guo has two upcoming projects in the works after Maxton Hall (Zwischen den Fronten and GodHead). 

Both titles are in some state of post-production. Zwischen den Fronten has been completed with no release information available and GodHead has completed filming with a release expected sometime this year. 

Sports, Dance & Modelling Experience

Outside of acting, Guo has several talents and passions she puts on display online. 

According to the actress' talent profile, she has experience in several sports, dancing, and modeling. 

The Maxton Hall star loves to work in the sphere of combat sports and stunts, training in boxing martial arts. Fans looking to see some of her stunts training in action can do so on her Instagram page. 

She also is a practicing dancer, specializing in contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz dance. 

Her modeling portfolio can be seen online as well, as she is actively available to be booked for work in the modeling sphere. 

Andrea's Work Outside of Acting

Before working full-time as an actor, Guo took on the typical kinds of jobs one would expect a young adult to do. 

According to her public Facebook profile, Guo has worked as a waitress in several gastropubs and restaurants in Germany and Austria. 

She also worked as a featured actor at the Metropol Theater in Cologne, Germany.

How To Follow Andrea Guo Online

Fans looking to follow Andrea Guo on social media can do so on Instagram and Facebook.

Maxton Hall is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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