New Ezra Bridger Live-Action Casting Search Details Revealed

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New Ezra Bridger Live-Action Casting Search Details Revealed

The Star Wars universe continues to expand, and fans will be seeing both new and familiar faces along the way. With Disney+ proving to be the newest home for content from a galaxy far, far away, Lucasfilm is taking advantage of the opportunity to bring popular animated characters into live-action form.

Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex, Sabine Wren, and Bo-Katan Kryze, the list of characters soon coming to live-action continues to grow. But don't think Star Wars: Rebels is getting left behind, as there is a belief that characters from the aforementioned series will have more live-action opportunities. Now with new details unearthed, those beliefs could be coming to fruition. 


In an exclusive from The Illuminerdi, new details have come to light regarding Ezra Bridger's jump to live-action, as well as the specifics in regards to what the studio is looking for in his casting: 

The lead of Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger, is indeed coming to live-action. The ongoing casting search is focused on finding a male, between the ages of 30 to 40. They are looking for an actor of color, specifically performers of Asian descent, however they are open to Indian, Latino, or Middle Eastern actors as well. Additionally, we know that the Ezra Bridger casting is for a Disney+ debut, while we were assured that it was not for The Mandalorian specifically.


The last we saw of Ezra Bridger came alongside an ominous series finale in which he sacrifices himself to save the Rebels, being thrust into space, but leaving us with the belief that he indeed survived. Lucasfilm's Dave Filoni has reassured fans of that fact and has promised that there are more stories to tell regarding the Rebels characters. These latest casting details could provide some weight to that statement. 

The report states that Ezra's live-action Disney+ debut is not meant for The Mandalorian, but that doesn't negate the possibility that his existence could be teased in the show's upcoming second season. The Direct recently predicted how The Clone Wars and Rebels characters could be incorporated into The Mandalorian's next season, and aiding in the search for Ezra is a possibility. With these latest details, that theory is proving to be more feasible by the day.

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