MCU Leak Reveals a Skrull, Police Car & More on Disney+'s Secret Invasion Set (Photos)

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Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion has already fallen prey to many different leaks. The series is currently in the process of filming and will follow Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury as well as Ben Mendelsohn's Talos as they try to navigate through a Skrull takeover of Earth. A major leak that recently surfaced was the first look at Emilia Clarke, who will be making her MCU debut as a character that has yet to be announced.

It was originally believed that the Disney+ show would hit the streaming platform in late 2022, but recent evidence suggests that 2023 is more likely

A leaked video from the set in Halifax, England featured some sort of explosion. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, and Kingsley Ben-Adir were seen in Halifax around the same time as the explosion was filmed, and Clarke's character was also spotted pulling up to the scene in the aftermath. Another batch of photos recently hit the internet as well, this time featuring Jackson and Mendelsohn together outside of London, England.

The mystery around Secret Invasion seems to be quickly going away, as more leaked set photos have recently been revealed.

Skrulls, Water, & Action for Secret Invasion

Nick Fury, Secret Invasion, Skrulls

Reddit user u/crampedcaves345 recently shared a batch of leaked photos from the set of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion.

One image features a behind-the-scenes look at a Skrull as the actor seems to be getting makeup applied to them, with another showing a beat-up law enforcement vehicle.

The other photos showcase an underwater stage set, as well as what seems to be a jungle or a forest:


Secret Invasion's Wild Ride

Even though there have been multiple instances of surfaced leaks about Secret Invasion, fans still have no idea which direction the show will go. Most of the revealed photos and videos have just been of set pieces with the occasional glimpses of certain actors, but the plot still remains a mystery.

It is safe to say that the series will shake up the MCU like no other project ever has. Every character has the chance to actually be a Skrull, and the number of theories and speculation that will come from that aspect alone will certainly be high.

With filming still going on, fans can expect more images to be revealed to the public regarding the show. It seems from this latest batch that the series will be nothing short of action-packed and feature many different locations. So far, the explosion in London confirms that there will be at least one city setting, the underwater stage alludes to there being one or more scenes in some body of water, and then there appears to be a wooded area or jungle as well.

However, if the leaks suggest anything, it is that the filming process is moving along at a steady pace, and before long, Secret Invasion will enter post-production.

Secret Invasion will likely premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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