Marvel's Next R-Rated Show Gets Official Release Announcement

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Marvel revealed the official release date for its next R-rated TV show. 

After mostly aiming for the general masses with its TV and film adaptations for most of the 20th century, the super-powered brand has become more welcoming to adult-oriented content (especially with projects like Deadpool & Wolverine coming to the MCU). 

The first of these recent R-rated hits was Hulu's Hit-Monkey series, which debuted in November 2021. 

Every Upcoming R-Rated Marvel Project

Hit-Monkey Season 2

Hit-Monkey in a suit in the Hit-Monkey series

Hit-Monkey Season 2 is the latest in several upcoming R-rated Marvel series coming in the next couple of years.

The recently posted trailer announced a Monday, July 15 release date for the next batch of episodes of the TV-MA (the television equivalent of an R-rating) series. Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, Hit-Monkey brings this little-known hero of the page to life in the unique medium of adult animation

Season 2 will see the titular Japanese macaque heading from the neon-tinged streets of Tokyo, Japan to New York City, seeking revenge on the criminal underworld. 

Deadpool & Wolverine

Dogpool, Deadpool, and Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine
Marvel Studios

Deadpool & Wolverine gets the honor of being the first MCU film to be graced with an R-rating, keeping it in line with past movies led by the Merc with a Mouth.

Not only will Ryan Reynolds' next movie bring the F-bombs, crazy kills, and crude comments that the Deadpool movies have been known for, but it is also set to bring back a number of familiar faces from the Fox era of Marvel movies like Sabertooth and Toad.

The threequel lands in theaters on July 26, 2024, bringing fans the longest Deadpool movie yet.

Marvel Zombies

A undead Iron Man standing in front of a Marvel Studios logo
Marvel Studios

Spinning off the Marvel Studios animated series What If...? is what will surely be the terrifying Marvel Zombies. The animated Disney+ show has long been in the works and is assumed to come sometime in 2025, with the possibility it could be released sooner in 2024. 

The show has been described as "hardcore," pushing its R-rating with its cast of undead heroes. 

Marvel Zombies' exact release date and plot specifics have not been specified, but it is rumored that Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel will be "kind of the center of the show."

Daredevil: Born Again (Rumored)

Charlie Cox's Daredevil featured in the center of a collage that includes Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Elektra, and Kingpin
Marvel Studios

While not confirmed to be R-rated, it has long been rumored that Daredevil: Born Again will sport the mature content warning label. The grand return of Charlie Cox's gritty Marvel hero is set to come sometime in 2025, following a few production setbacks along the way. 

Seeing as the show has been reworked into a direct continuation of the R-rated Netflix Daredevil series, one can assume it will be just as adult-oriented as its streaming successor. 

Born Again has finished shooting but does not have an official release date. 


Mahershala Ali, Wesley Snipes as Blade, Marvel Studios logo
Marvel Studios

Although initially conceived as a PG-13 experience, Marvel Studios' Blade has since been retooled (and retooled... and retooled) into an R-rated outing as confirmed by former director Yann Demange.

Wesley Snipes' original Blade trilogy also received R-ratings, meaning the MCU's take should be similar in providing gory vampiric kills.

The question remains whether the project will ever fully come together though, with multiple setbacks for production and two director exits on the books.

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