Deadpool 3: 5 Returning Villains from Fox's X-Men Movies Confirmed for Movie

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Deadpool 3 (officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine) confirmed comebacks for a handful of classic X-Men villains in its latest trailer.

The MCU threequel is already making history as Marvel Studios' first-ever X-Men-centric project, bringing back multiple mutants from past movies alongside the titular Deadpool and Wolverine.

Considering how big a role the Multiverse plays in this film, it is no surprise that Wade Wilson will come face-to-face with villains from past 20th Century Fox movies alongside those heroes as he moves over to the MCU.

5 X-Men Villains Confirmed for Deadpool 3

Ant-Man helmet in Deadpool 3 trailer
Marvel Studios

The official full trailer for Marvel Studios' Deadpool & Wolverine confirmed appearances for five X-Men villains who were previously seen in 20th Century Fox's mutant saga.

These characters are spotlighted in front of the massive corpse and helmet of the MCU's Ant-Man, which seems to serve as these villains' home base.

Those five villains are detailed ahead:


Pyro, Deadpool 3 trailer, Aaron Stanford
Marvel Studios

Seen on the far right side of the shot sitting atop a blue car is the fiery antagonist Pyro, played by Aaron Stanford.

Introduced in 2003's X2, Stanford's John Allerdyce boasted pyrokinetic powers that allowed him to control any already-burning flame and project it toward his enemies.

2006's X-Men: The Last Stand saw him turn into an antagonist and join Ian McKellan's Magneto, although he was defeated in an epic showdown with Shawn Ashmore's Iceman during the film's final battle.

Stanford was previously seen in the first Deadpool 3 trailer sitting in this area and yelling, "God, I love this part," confirming his MCU debut at the start of this threequel's marketing campaign.


Azazel, Deadpool 3 trailer
Marvel Studios

Jason Flemyng first joined the X-Men family as the devil-like villain Azazel for 2011's X-Men: First Class, which marked his only appearance in the role before his Deadpool 3 return.

Azazel initially worked under Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw in the Hellfire Club, joining Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants following Shaw's death. The character met his end off-screen after the events of that movie.

This red-skinned villain boasts powerful abilities such as teleportation along with superhuman agility and reflexes. He also has a regenerative healing factor and a prehensile tail, which he can use to grab his enemies and strike.

Lady Deathstrike

Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool 3 trailer
Marvel Studios

First appearing in X2 is Kelly Hu's Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko Oyama), who is seen in the Deadpool 3 trailer on the left side of the stairs in front of the Ant-Man skull.

This powerful mutant worked as a bodyguard for Brian Cox's William Stryker under a mind control serum, helping him capture mutants and bring them to his facility in Alkali Lake. 

Her death came after a fight with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine as he injected her with molten liquid adamantium, which destroyed her brain and stopped her healing abilities.

Along with a healing factor nearly as strong as Logan's, Kelly Hu's character sports long retractible claws that extend from her fingers, which can slice up most opponents with ease.


Toad, Deadpool 3 trailer
Marvel Studios

Originally played by Ray Park in 2000's X-Men, the oft-forgotten Marvel villain Toad makes an appearance crouched down in front of the Ant-Man head.

That movie showed him working with Magneto to kidnap Senator Robert Kelly and Rogue before the ultimate battle with the X-Men. However, he finds out what happens when something is struck by lightning as Storm hits him with an electric bolt and sends him into the Hudson River.

Along with superhuman leaping skills and agility, Toad's main weapon is a huge tongue similar to that of a frog, which he can extend to great lengths for attacks and blows.

Following the trailer's debut, Park celebrated by confirming his casting in an Instagram Story with the message, "I am [in Deadpool and Wolverine] lol must have kidnapped me in my sleep lol."


Callisto, Deadpool 3 trailer
Marvel Studios

Dania Ramirez took her place in the Deadpool 3 footage in a comeback as Callisto, reprising her role from X-Men: The Last Stand.

Callisto and her team (called the Omegas) allied with Magneto in his quest for mutant domination, using her powers to locate and save multiple mutants throughout the movie.

Putting up an admirable fight against Storm in the final battle, Callisto wound up falling after being hit by a continuous onslaught of electricity after being hurled into a fence, killing her as she sizzled.

Callisto has the unique ability to psionically sense the presence of the X-gene in other mutants, allowing her to track them down and locate them. She also has superhuman speed and advanced durability.

The full trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine can be seen below, with these villains coming in at the 1:52 mark:

Deadpool & Wolverine slices into theaters on July 26.

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