Madame Web Cast: Sony Announces 8 Main Actors

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Following the first trailer for Sony Pictures' Madame Web movie, several key cast members were confirmed to play super-powered characters from Marvel Comics.

Sony's Spider-Man Universe (SSU) is expanding once again with Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson in the titular role. Previously, the studio has produced two Venom films, Morbius, and is planning a third Venom alongside Kraven the Hunter.

What makes Madame Web unique is that its leading cast is female, and Spider-People will be involved like Spider-Woman and Spider-Girl.

Madame Web's Cast Confirmed

Sony Pictures has officially revealed eight main cast members for Madame Web, some with identifiable characters and others still a mystery.

Dakota Johnson - Cassandra "Cassie" Webb / Madame Web

Sony Pictures

Beginning the film as Cassie Webb, a paramedic in New York City, Dakota Johnson's leading heroine quickly becomes Madame Web after an accident.

Her new abilities let her see glimpses into the future and get a second chance at several events. In the comics, Madame Web has psychic powers such as telepathy and clairvoyance, and possesses the ability of astral projection, enabling her to appear in spirit form to others.

Sydney Sweeney - Julia Carpenter / Spider-Woman

Julia Carpenter in the Madame Web trailer.
Sony Pictures

It was confirmed during the Madame Web trailer that Sydney Sweeney is officially playing a version of Spider-Woman. She's seen in her normal street clothes with glasses and red hair, then briefly in a black and white Spider-Woman suit.

In the comics, Julia Carpenter was captured by Kraven's family after years of superhero adventures, and just before the original Madame Web's demise, she passed on her precognitive abilities to Carpenter, making her the next Madame Web.

There's a possibility that Dakota Johnson's Madame Web could still follow the comic storyline, facing potential death and passing on her powers to Carpenter.

Celeste O’Connor - Mattie Franklin - Spider-Woman

Mattie Franklin in the Madame Web trailer.
Sony Pictures

Celeste O'Connor will depict  Mattie Franklin/Spider-Woman in Madame Web. The first trailer suggests that this random group of young women are initially unaware of their superhero destinies when they encounter Cassie Webb, but she sees their interconnected futures.

In the comics, Mattie is J. Jonah Jameson's niece, who utilized her father's connections to gain superpowers.

Isabela Merced - Anya Corazon - Araña

Anya Corazon in the Madame Web trailer.
Sony Pictures

Isabela Merced, known for her leading role in Dora and the Lost City of Gold plays a version of Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) in Madame Web. Merced was also recently cast in Superman: Legacy as Hawkgirl.

In Marvel Comics, Anya Corazon gains her spider abilities magically through the Spider Society rather than via the classic spider bite origin story.

As Madame Web introduces new spider heroes, their unique paths to acquiring powers may play a pivotal role in the unfolding narrative within the SSU.

Tahar Rahim - Ezekiel Sims

Ezekiel Sims in the Madame Web trailer.
Sony Pictures

The villain of Madame Web is Ezekiel "Zeke" Sims, played by Tahar Rahim. In the first trailer, his presence is felt as the greatest danger to the leading characters and he dons a suit similar to Spider-Man.

Based on the footage it looks like Sims will have a connection to Cassie Webb through her late mother and the two seem to share similar abilities in seeing the future.

Mike Epps

Mikes Epps close-up.
Mike Epps

It's completely unknown who Mike Epps is playing in Madame Web, despite being included in the official cast list. He is not seen in the latest trailer so his character remains a mystery.

Epps is best known for his roles in comedy films such as Next Friday and its sequel Friday After Next, as well as his appearances in The Hangover series.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts posing.
Emma Roberts

Despite being in the film alongside several other women with superpowers, Emma Roberts confirmed that she will not be portraying a superhero.

Rumors have indicated that Roberts could be playing Mary Parker, the mother of Peter Parker. Set photos revealed her character will be pregnant and she appears to be in danger during a moment in the trailer. It could be Madame Web's mission to save Mary and ensure the birth of Peter. 

Adam Scott

Adam Scott in Madame Web.
Sony Pictures

During the first trailer for Madame Web, Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, Severance) was shown working alongside and saving Cassie Webb as part of the New York Fire Department. Set photos from the film show that he will not always be working as he was seen wearing casual street clothes.

Scott is rumored to be playing a younger version of Uncle Ben Parker, further explaining how Mary Parker and potentially a baby Peter play into the film.

Madame Web swings into theaters on February 14, 2024.

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