DC's New Lex Luthor Movie Actor Might've Just Been Revealed (Report)

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Lex Luthor, Jesse Eisenberg

Fans may have just learned of an actor in the running to play Lex Luthor in DC Studios' upcoming DCU kick-off, Superman: Legacy.

DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are hard at work developing the story and cast for the latest take on the Man of Steel, with Gunn himself directing and writing the film.

And while the next Clark Kent has been the talk of the DC town since Henry Cavill’s official departure, he's far from the only role that needs to be cast before Gunn and company go into production in early 2024.

Gunn continues to share regular updates on where he is with the casting process for characters like Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Lex Luthor, although a new update may have just put a name to one of those characters.

Lex Luthor Star Possibly Revealed for DC

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Nicholas Hoult has reportedly been tipped to play the DCU's Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy, the first movie in James Gunn's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters slate.

Previously, Hoult was the runner-up to play Batman in Matt Reeves' The Batman before Robert Pattinson took the role, and Warner Bros. has reportedly had their eye on him since his appearance in 2015's Mad Max: Fury Road.

This comes just over a month after reports noted that DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn was looking to recast Luthor for his new set of movies in the DC Universe.

Additional reports noted that three different actors were in the running to play Superman opposite Hoult, those being David Corenswet, Tom Brittney, and Andrew Richardson.

Shortly after THR's report was published, Deadline insider Justin Kroll contradicted the Hoult news, claiming that the 33-year-old actor is actually in the running to play Superman himself, not the villainous Lex Luthor.

Will Nicholas Hoult Play Lex Luthor in Superman Reboot?

Nicholas Hoult is no stranger to the world of superhero movies, playing 20th Century Fox's take on Beast in the most recent set of X-Men movies from 2011 to 2019.

And while he admitted to being open to a comeback in that role in Marvel Studios' highly-anticipated X-Men reboot, playing Lex Luthor would put him on a new level with a chance to portray one of the most iconic villains in all of DC Comics.

At only 33 years old and boasting a fantastic resume already, Hoult would fit the mold for Luther excellently thanks to his towering presence at 6'3" and his intimidating demeanor, which he showed on occasion as Beast.

The next few weeks will be especially interesting for the DC Universe as the franchise looks to get underway in 2024, with Chapter 1's first project, Creature Commandos, already well into production before Superman: Legacy kicks off.

And with rumors pointing to a Superman casting announcement possibly coming at San Diego Comic-Con, Gunn could shock the world by revealing Hoult alongside his on-screen nemesis.

Superman: Legacy is set to begin production in January 2024, and it will premiere in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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