Is LEGO's Jack Daniels Bottle Set Real or Fake? New Speculation Explained

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Jack Daniels, LEGO

LEGO fans have new insight on a potential set highlighting a bottle of Jack Daniels, leading to speculation on whether the set is real.

Is LEGO Jack Daniels Bottle Set Real or Fake?

The @hypebrick Instagram account shared a look at what appears to be a new set based on the look of a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey as part of a video showing off multiple sets based on bottles of liquor.

The image shows off a box for the alleged set featuring an image of the bottle along with the bottle itself, replicating the look of the popular adult beverage's bottle that became famous more than a century ago.

LEGO Jack Daniels set

Below is a comparison picture of an actual bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey to show the inspiration behind the LEGO set at the center of the aforementioned speculation.

Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels

Not only is this set not real, as the image was created using an AI program, but the very idea of this set goes completely against the LEGO company's value set.

According to the company's official guidelines, any set depicting "alcohol in any present day situation" does not fit the LEGO brand values, meaning it would not be approved for production in any LEGO set ever.

For those interested in real sets like this bottle, unfortunately, there is nothing on the current market that is equivalent or similar to the Jack Daniels bottle.

The closest set to it from an aesthetic perspective would be the 92177: Ship in a Bottle set, which brings to life a small ship trapped in a large bottle displayed on a wooden platform.

The set, which can be seen below, was first released in 2018 before being officially retired in 2021.

Leviathan ship in a bottle LEGO set

While fans cannot purchase this set directly from LEGO anymore, it is still available on the aftermarket on sites such as eBay, and it can also be found on the LEGO reselling website Bricklink.

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