Is LEGO's Coraline Flower Set Real or Fake? New Speculation Explained

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LEGO Coraline Set

A new "leaked" LEGO set looks to take inspiration from the flowers of Laika Studios' Coraline

LEGO is no stranger to brand collaborations, but creating a brick-based version of Laika's beloved macabre stop-motion world is something the toy company has yet to do. 

Is the LEGO Coraline Set Real?

A viral post on TikTok has fans wondering if LEGO is getting set to release new brick-based takes on the 2009 film Coraline

Coraline LEGO TikTok

The TikTok in question (posted by @flower.bricks) shows off an alleged Coraline set based on the flowers seen outside the Pink Palace Apartments where Coraline and her family live throughout the film. 

This blue LEGO bouquet seems to light up, sporting the same papercraft milieu seen in the movie. 

Coraline Flowers
Laika Studios

Sadly though, this supposed new LEGO set is not real, appearing to be a cleverly made Photoshop edit aimed to look like an authentic LEGO-branded product. 

But don't get too disappointed: Those looking to flex their LEGO topiary muscles can still purchase official LEGO bouquet sets that have some similarities to the Coraline flower concept.

LEGO Wildflower Bouquet

Two popular LEGO flower sets include the Wildflower Bouquet and the Botanical Collection Bouquet

LEGO Botanical Collection Bouquet

As for LEGO-branded Coraline products, nothing official from the company related to the 2009 film has been made public but pitches have been made. 

LEGO Ideas Coraline
LEGO Ideas

Through LEGO's Ideas portal (where fans can create and campaign for new LEGO sets) several Coraline sets have been pitched, both being based on the Pink Palace Apartments at the center of the film (see the Pink Palace Coraline LEGO Ideas pitch here). 

LEGO Ideas Coraline
LEGO Ideas

Will Coraline LEGO Sets Ever Happen?

As it currently stands, it seems highly unlikely that LEGO will release anything related to Coraline

While the film has cemented itself as a bonafide cult classic amongst fans, it has not permeated the masses like some other blockbusters of the era have. 

Typically LEGO works within the confines of franchise entertainment, capitalizing on names like Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. 

Coraline has not had the staying power of the sort of IP LEGO regularly partners with. 

Even the idea of a Coraline 2 remains in the ether, with the 2009 original movie and the book it is based upon being the only dips into that world audiences have seen (read more about the likelihood of Coraline 2 here). 

If LEGO were to look in Coraline's direction, it would either have to be thanks to a groundswell grassroots campaign from fans, or a commitment to franchise the stop-motion film, taking it to a level worthy of the LEGO treatment in the toy giant's eyes. 

Coraline is now streaming on Max in the United States.

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