Is LEGO's Moana Flower Set Real or Fake? New Speculation Explained

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Moana LEGO

Fans are freaking out at the appearance of a new LEGO Moana flower set online. 

Disney's Moana film has become one of the biggest names in its portfolio as of late as the studio bets big on the animated South Pacific adventure (read more about Disney's Moana plans here).

Because of its success, the franchise has leapt off the screen, appearing in Disney Parks (like Orlando's Walt Disney World) as well as in all sorts of brand partnerships and merchandising.

Supposed Moana LEGO Set Pops Up Online

Moana Flower LEGO

A new TikTok making the rounds has fans thinking a never-before-seen Moana LEGO set is on the way. 

The video - posted by an account known as Flower.Bricks - sees a brick-based take on Moana's bright pink hibiscus flower looking as though a new LEGO set based on the flower is on the way. 

Moana Flower Character Hair

The flower looks convincing enough, being made out of LEGO's iconic tiny bricks and coming with a light-up stand that powers a glowing bloom at the top. 

Sadly, the account that it originates from is known for posting clever edits and fakes of these supposed new products coming from the iconic toy company, and this specific flower image is AI-generated. 

There are, however, several LEGO sets based on the iconic Disney film franchise for fans looking to get their Moana fix. 

Released in 2023 was Moana's Wayfinding Boat, a set showcasing the Disney princess's signature sailboat seen in the film. This set was released as a part of the LEGO Disney line and is the diorama-style Moana LEGO set currently available

Moana LEGO Wayfinder

Another Moana-based LEGO product is the Moana & Merida BrickHeadz models. This is a twin pack of larger character models of Moana's titular character and Merida from Pixar's Brave

Moana BrickHeadz LEGO

How Likely Are More Moana LEGO Sets?

While this Moana flower LEGO set may be a fake, that is not to say more brick-based takes on the franchise are an impossibility. 

Moana has proven to be a cash cow of an IP for Disney. The studio has greenlit a sequel (coming this fall) and even a live-action remake of the 2016 animated epic. 

So, not only are brand partnerships with companies like LEGO a possibility, but they are to expected. 

Surly, the few LEGO sets that have come out involving the franchise are just the beginning. 

Perhaps, in the lead-up to November's Moana 2, there will be even more. 

Sets that LEGO could tackle from the Moana movie include the Te Ka Te Fiti fight seen at the end of the moving, including a LEGO take on the terrifying fire god. Or perhaps the 'Shiny' musical sequence featuring the giant glam-rock crab Tamatoa.

With the LEGO Disney line, the possibilities are endless, as the bond between the two companies grows stronger with money makers like LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Marvel also falling under the preview of the House of Mouse as well. 

Moana is now streaming on Disney+.

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