LEGO Marvel 2024 - Every Set Released This Year (Photos)

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LEGO looks to continue its run of excellence in the collectible world with more than a dozen new Marvel sets hitting shelves in 2024.

The red brand and LEGO make for a potent combination thanks to Marvel's extravagant set pieces from both the MCU and Marvel Comics, leading to some of LEGO's biggest buildable brick sets in the company's long history.

2023 even delivered the single biggest Marvel LEGO set ever made, although the collaboration shows no signs of slowing down with a new year ahead.

Every 2024 Marvel LEGO Set Already Released

14 LEGO sets based on Marvel stories and characters were confirmed to be available for purchase in early 2024.

76275: Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock

Motorcycle Chase: Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock LEGO set

Spider-Man goes up against one of his most formidable foes in Doc Ock in this "Motorcycle Chase" set released on January 1, with the hero driving a Spidey-inspired motorcycle as a new version of Otto Octavius chases from behind.

This take on the eight-armed antagonist is seen with markings of Venom as well, as half of the symbiotic villain's face covers up Otto's while the Minifig can also grip onto the street lamp included in the set.

The "Motorcycle Chase" set is an easy build consisting of only 77 pieces in total, and it's easy on wallets with a $9.99 USD price tag.

76276: Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales

Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales

Miles Morales suits up as Spider-Man against the classic Marvel antihero Venom in the "Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales" set, which hit the LEGO marketplace on January 1.

Along with Minifigs for both Venom and Miles, Venom gets his own buildable mech suit that can be moved into various poses, and it can also be used with other mech sets and with LEGO's digital 3D tracking in the LEGO Builder app.

134 pieces make up the "Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales" set, and it retails for a low price of $14.99 USD.

76277: War Machine Mech Armor

War Machine Mech Armor LEGO set
  • Retails for $14.99, and comes with 154 pieces
  • Released January 1

War Machine gets a major upgrade with the "War Machine Mech Armor" set, made available for purchase on January 1 and bringing Colonel James Rhodes into the LEGO spotlight.

The character gets to jump into the cockpit of a much bigger version of his Iron Man-inspired suit, complete with posable limbs and plenty of high-powered weapons attached to his arms and back.

Fans can purchase this 154-piece set for $14.99 USD.

76278: Rocket’s Warbird vs. Ronan

Rocket’s Warbird vs. Ronan LEGO set

While the Guardians of the Galaxy took on Ronan the Accuser as a team in their first MCU movie, Rocket Raccoon earns a solo moment taking on Ronan in the "Rocket’s Warbird vs. Ronan" set, which arrived online on January 1.

Recreating the two characters' tangle from the MCU's 10th film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket and Ronan come in Minifig form while collectors can also build the Milano from the ground up, complete with a cockpit for Rocket.

Consisting of 290 pieces, "Rocket’s Warbird vs. Ronan" is priced at $37.99 USD.

76279: Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin

Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin LEGO set

Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy bring their webs and wits together for a new LEGO set released on January 1, which goes under the title "Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin."

The red-and-blue car is complete with a Spidey logo while Spider-Gwen rides alongside him on a skateboard, with both web-slingers hoping to escape from a pumpkin-bomb-throwing Green Goblin on his glider.

The "Spider-Man Race Car & Venom Green Goblin" LEGO set is made up of 229 pieces and is available for purchase at a price point of $34.99 USD.

76280: Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle

Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle LEGO set

The MCU's biggest Phase 4 movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, gets its time in the spotlight as LEGO brings the film's final battle to a new buildable set, which is titled "Spider-Man vs. Sandman: Final Battle."

A huge version of Thomas Hayden Church's Sandman takes center stage as he holds Tom Holland's MCU hero in his hand, and Minifigs of Electro and the Lizard join the battle against the web-slinger as well.

Released on January 1, the Spider-Man: No Way Home battle sequence LEGO set is priced at $37.99 USD and utilizes 347 pieces.

76281: X-Men Jet

X-Men Jet LEGO set

Marvel's mutants are thrust into the forefront with a set highlighting X-Men's X-Jet, originally brought to the animated TV world in X-Men: The Animated Series and returning for 2024's X-Men '97.

Along with a fairly large version of the X-Men's classic mode of aerial transportation, Minifigs are also included for Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, and Magneto in his new costume.

This X-Jet LEGO set takes 359 pieces to build, and it costs $84.99 USD for fans to purchase.

76282: Rocket & Baby Groot

The Direct Image

The iconic MCU tag team of Rocket and Baby Groot gets their own appropriately titled LEGO set, in which Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's miniature Groot gets his own Minifig.

Builders can develop the Guardians' most heavily armed team member, who boasts a couple of his own blasters in his hands along with an aggressive snarl on his face.

Hitting the LEGO store on January 1 at a retail price of $59.99 USD, the "Rocket & Baby Groot" set takes 566 pieces in total to build.

6285 Spider-Man’s Mask

Spider-Man's Mask LEGO set

Spider-Man takes the spotlight yet again in 2024 with a monument enshrining the web-slinger's classic mask.

Complete with a stand and a plaque with the hero's name on it, the Spidey mask is put on full display with the white lenses and webbing fans are accustomed to seeing from the hero.

Available for purchase starting on January 25, this mask-focused set will cost $69.99 and boasts a whopping 487 pieces.

40670: Iron Spider-Man

Iron Spider-Man LEGO set

Tom Holland's Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War takes center stage in an "Iron Spider-Man" set, showing off the wildly popular Spider-Man suit in all its glory.

Putting the web-slinger himself into something of a block-shaped human form with a disproportionately-sized head, the four arms of the Iron Spider suit are extended on the back as the blue-and-gold logo is featured on the front.

Not available for purchase until February 1, the Iron Spider LEGO set is a relatively cheap one at a $9.99 USD price tag, and it only takes 91 total pieces to develop.

40671: Potted Groot

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Similarly to the aforementioned Iron Spider set, Potted Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy gets his own small set to match his tiny body from the final scene of the movie.

Collectors can assemble the miniature pot where the humanoid plant regrows his new form, including the torso and head that Groot regenerates following his sacrifice to save his family.

Only costing $9.99 USD for purchase, the "Potted Groot" set is made up of 113 LEGO pieces and will be available on February 1.

10792: Drill Spinner Vehicle

Drill Spinner Vehicle

Spider-Man swings back into the picture with a new LEGO vehicle set titled the "Drill Spinner Vehicle."

Facing off against Electro as Max Dillon hangs from a light pole, Spidey (donning a black-and-gold suit) drives forward in a four-wheel vehicle complete with a drill on the end and a big web in his hand.

Coming to the LEGO store on March 1, the "Drill Spinner Vehicle" doesn't yet have a price, but it will be made up of 58 buildable LEGO bricks.

10793: Spidey vs. Green Goblin

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Spider-Man jumps into battle against the Green Goblin once again in a new set highlighting one of Marvel's most iconic rivalries.

Spider-Man teams up with Spider-Gwen in this set as the two heroes (inspired by Disney+'s Spidey and His Amazing Friends) take on the Goblin in a hover spinner with a rotating propeller and a lift-up cockpit.

Debuting to the public on March 1, the "Spidey vs. Green Goblin" set will cost $19.99 USD and will bring 84 pieces for fans to use for building.

10794: Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters

Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters LEGO set

Spider-Man continues his run of dominance in 2024 with the "Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters," bringing plenty of Spidey-themed paraphernalia to the spotlight.

While no description is available yet, the set features a Green Goblin-inspired mechanical suit along with an Iron Man Minifig, a couple of Minifigs featuring different Spider-Men, and Gwen Stacy in her own Spidey-jet.

Not set for purchase until March 1, "Team Spidey Web Spinner Headquarters" will cost $49.99 USD and it will consist of 193 pieces.

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