Is LEGO's Disney Tangled Flower Set Real or Fake? New Speculation Explained

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Tangled Rapunzel, LEGO logo

An image of a new LEGO set featuring the classic flower from Disney's Tangled has fans diving into speculation on whether the set is real or fake.

LEGO Tangled Flower Set - Real or Fake?

A viral TikTok video led fans to believe LEGO is planning to release a new set centered on the magical golden flower featured in Disney's Tangled, the studio's 50th animated feature which hit theaters in 2010.

The image shows off a box for the set along with the flower itself, featuring a deep purple base, a green stem with leaves, and the same purple-and-yellow flower that gives Rapunzel her golden and magical hair in the film.

rumored flower set from Tangled

The flower is seen in Tangled's opening sequence before guards find it and give it to Rapunzel's mother to save her life, leading the villainous Mother Gothel to steal the baby.


Unfortunately, this image is a fake as it was originally generated through AI.

While LEGO has a few sets with brick pieces that are bent and molded like the flower petals in the image, they are rare, and the company has never developed pieces that look quite like the ones seen here.

Additionally, the account that shared this image is largely dedicated to images of AI-generated LEGO sets that do not exist in the real world.

Previously, the page shared a set inspired by 1991's Beauty and the Beast which depicted the enchanted rose that cursed the Beast, his castle, and his staff.

Another set highlighted the Hello, Kitty franchise, showing a flower pot filled with flowers next to a LEGO set of the titular cat.

That page does have a website, highlighted on the Bricked Bouquet Instagram page, that sells custom LEGO flowers similar to the one from Tangled. However, none of the sets look like the ones posted on the aforementioned TikTok account.

LEGO previously released sets based on Tangled, although none of them have the golden flower as a focus. Instead, they center on Rapunzel's tower, the boat she takes out onto the lake, and her walk through the streets of the kingdom.

Other products like the Disney Castle set include Rapunzel as a Minifig amongst fellow Disney princesses and characters from other franchises.

LEGO's Botanical Collection also includes various flower sets for builders to take on, but none of them resemble the flower from Tangled seen above.

Tangled is now streaming on Disney+.

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