Tangled's Live-Action Cast Controversy & Disney Fan Drama Explained

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Avantika, Rapunzel from Tangled

A potential Tangled live-action remake is rumored to be in the works at Disney, but controversy has shrouded the casting process for Rapunzel.

According to The DisInsider, Disney is rumored to be developing a live-action Rapunzel movie, but it is unclear whether it will connect to the Tangled franchise.

The Tangled franchise encompasses the 2010 animated film, subsequent short films, a TV film, and a TV series titled Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, all expanding upon the original storyline and characters.

Now with another live-action installment possibly on the way, casting rumors and ideas are spreading quickly across the internet.

Tangled Live-Action Casting Rumors

Rapunzel from Tangled, Avantika as Karen in Mean Girls
Rapunzel / Avantika

Actress Avantika initially gained traction as a widely favored fan casting choice for Rapunzel in the live-action Tangled

Her performance largely influenced a surge in popularity in the Mean Girls reboot; one particular post on X (formerly Twitter) caught the attention of many fans, earning 141,000 likes.

The post shows Avantika next to the animated Rapunzel and states, "It’s deadly serious actually like that’s the same face."

As far back as February 2023, X user Julian caught the attention of many with their fan-casting idea for Avantika and Rapunzel.

They later added that they've "been pushing the avantika as rapunzel fancast for so long and im glad everyone is finally onboard," furthering the idea that this had been a popular idea for over a year.

These reports heated up in March as Avantika and Milo Manheim were rumored to have screen-tested for the live-action Tangled movie. 

While Brit+Co covered it, neither Disney nor any other reputable sources have verified these rumors of a screen test.

However, this has not stopped the internet from sharing the news and handing out harsh opinions about the potential casting.

Avantika's Rapunzel Casting Controversy

Several criticisms arose online, primarily due to Rapunzel's traditionally blonde appearance. Fans expressed dissatisfaction over the prospect of a blonde white actress not being considered for the role.

Then there was pushback from that, with one X user stating, "you can’t be serious" if you're upset by this fan casting. 

Another user voiced their support for Avantika, adding that she "beautiful woman who deserves none of" the criticisms about her potential casting as Rapunzel.

Another voice of reason defended Avantika, stating that so many are upset over the rumored cast despite this live-action remake, as of now, being unofficial.

A Reddit user also pointed out how surprising it is there's been a lot of discourse online revolving around a fan-casting of a non-confirmed Disney film.

Nonetheless, Avantika's Instagram comments section has become a battleground of criticism over her becoming Rapunzel and other fans coming to her defense.

On a recent post, one user wrote, "you’re NOT rapunzel," and a neighboring comment stated "you ARE rapunzel!"

The drama doesn't stop there. In the comments section of a selfie posted by Avantika, someone commented, "why is she playing white characters she need to stop go find a blonde girl who can play as rapunzel:"

"She’s destroying our childhood why is she playing white characters she need to stop go find a blonde girl who can play as rapunzel how hard can it be find #Rapunzel4life😍"

In recent comments, many have supported Avantika, adding that "she's the people's princess" and "she is my Rapunzel."

On another recent Instagram post, one commenter specifically called out racism as a criticism of those against Avantika as Rapunzel, stating that "She looks like Rapunzel:"

"She looks like Rapunzel🥹 can y’all stop being r@cist and attack her for FANCAST"

As of writing, there has been no official or reputable report on the cast of a potential Tangled live-action remake at Disney.

Avantika herself has not responded to the online fervor either, and has continued to share posts amid the discussion.

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