LEGO Releases First-Ever 'Inside Out' Movie Set

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Inside Out

LEGO gave fans a look at the first-ever buildable brick set based on Disney and Pixar's Inside Out.

This franchise will be revisited in 2024 with the release of Inside Out 2, which will introduce new characters and emotions as the leading character, Riley, moves into her adolescence phase.

This will be the first time this story has been revisited since 2015's original Inside Out, giving viewers new insight into the human psyche throughout this youthful adventure.

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LEGO's First Inside Out Brick Set

LEGO announced the release of a new collectible set based on Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2, marking the first time this franchise has been utilized in brick form.

The set is listed as "Disney Inside Out 2 Mood Cubes from Pixar," including two buildable cubes that can be opened and filled with other LEGO-made trinkets.

LEGO set for Inside Out 2, Anxiety, Joy

The sides of these cubes allow builders to bring to life the faces of the emotions living inside 15-year-old Riley's mind in Inside Out 2.

merchandise box holding Disney's LEGO set for Inside Out 2

Also included in the set are a few small Minifigs most suitable for younger builders, centered on Foreman, Margie, Amy Poehler's Joy, and Maya Hawke's new character, Anxiety.

Anxiety and Joy LEGO minifigs

The listing also includes an image of the set on a shelf inside a home, highlighting its size for potential buyers.

The new Inside Out 2 LEGO set displayed on a shelf

The listing's description of the set highlights the Inside Out 2 characters along with the rest of the materials:

"Engage kids and 'Inside Out 2' fans aged 9+ with this LEGO® ǀ Disney 'Inside Out 2' Mood Cubes from Pixar (43248) buildable fantasy toy for play and display. Featuring 2 buildable cubes, each with a space for little treasures, 9 mood plates, a display stand to hold the cubes, Joy and Anxiety LEGO ǀ Disney mini-doll figures from Pixar with matching colored memory balls, plus Foreman and Margie LEGO ǀ Disney mind worker figures with hard hats.

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Could Inside Out Get More LEGO Sets?

Ahead of Inside Out 2's theatrical debut in June, LEGO could bring other sets dedicated to the new sequel or the original movie to its online shelves.

Set pieces like Riley's house or the emotions' headquarters could inspire new LEGO collectibles, or there could even be larger brick sets for the emotions themselves.

More recently ahead of this set, LEGO released sets for Carl and Ellie's house from Up, Brickheadz for EVE and WALL-E from WALL-E, and Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo. This could also lead to a duo of Brickheadz-style sets for any combination of characters from either Inside Out film to be developed.

LEGO often unveils new material after a project debuts (such as the first-ever Minifig highlighting Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight). Given that fact, 2024's later months may have fans looking out for more LEGO-inspired merchandise from Pixar's latest film.

Inside Out 2 will debut in theaters on June 14.

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